11 Tips (No Ads!) To Build Your Business On Twitter!

Hi there, do you use Twitter? already using Twitter, but struggling? looking for ways to build your business on Twitter? struggling with marketing strategies on Twitter?

Don't worry, this blog post will surely guide you.

In fact, even I was not using the Twitter platform very actively till I came across my virtual mentor Josh Spector who actually enlightened me on the value of the Twitter platform.

I already started to use the Twitter platform (even though I had created my account in 2012) on a daily basis to explore its opportunity directly and indirectly from various Twitter users. I realized it is a massive free value/advice/actionable insights sharing platform if you engage with the right mentors/experts whom you follow that really help in building your business.

Based on the detailed analysis of the platform and by personal experiences in the previous months, I would like to share the below 11 Tips (no ads at all...) to implement that might help you in several ways as per your personal/business objectives/goals in overall to grow your business:

  1. When people see your profile, use your Twitter Profile Cover Image from a landing page context to tell them about you and what you're going to solve or deliver for them or address their pain points.

  2. Depending on your marketing goals, use the URL in the bio.

  3. Spend at least 30–45 minutes a day on Twitter interacting with other users.

  4. Start building your own Twitter Threads.

  5. In a Twitter thread focusing on your business specialty, provide more value-based tips/strategies/guidelines or any other type of information that will be noticed by other Twitter users.

  6. The more you interact with other Twitter users, the more your postings are viewed by them, and they begin to follow you.

  7. Look at other Twitter profiles for ideas, read their posts, and get started on your own.

  8. To obtain more, use Twitter as a forum for value sharing.

  9. Make a policy of giving and taking.

  10. Try to answer any pain points already struggling by those in your business niche through your Twitter threads so that interested users/prospects/clients will start following you and are more likely to communicate with you. This establishes a healthy business relationship.

  11. The best idea is to follow leaders/mentors/experts in your business niche on Twitter, since their messages will be of greater assistance to you. You'll get all of their free, high-value advice that they've tried and found to be effective, which they often share with the Twitter community as part of their audience building and marketing context. Analyze them to explore for your business/marketing benefits. In fact, I've observed a lot of other Twitter Business Owners saying such tip/idea has worked for them in the past.

As a result, I hope that these 11 pointers can serve as a guide/pointer for you to use Twitter to grow your business in a fun and engaging way, without the use of ads!!

Take care and all the best....

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