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13-Key Points From The State Of Influencer Marketing 2022 Report!

13-Key Points From The State Of Influencer Marketing Report 2022 by klear!

Brands and the Pandemic 2021 redefined the role brands play in consumers’ lives, and the way in which consumers relate to brands. Consumer habits have forced brands to prioritize digital and adjust budgets, which has dramatically increased the role influencers play in a brand’s overall strategies.

The following are the 13 major aspects from klear's State of Influencer Marketing Report 2022 that may be useful in your business and marketing efforts, if you are planning to have influencers in your business plans:

  1. Influencers have become a core channel for brands to authentically communicate with customers.

  2. In 2021, influencers shared 3,798,505 Instagram sponsored posts.

  3. Micro-influencers are brands’ top choice for collaboration. They tend to have 5-30K followers, and a True Reach of 500-5K.

  4. Instagram is the go-to platform for influencer campaigns.

  5. 1,800+ campaigns run in 2021 to identify trends in platform usage. 94% of campaigns include Instagram content, while only 10% of campaigns included YouTube content.

  6. Brand are favoring TiKTok over YouTube in Sponsored Collaborations.

  7. TikTok is still an emerging platform, and while it is not yet an industry staple like Instagram, more brands are incorporating it in their strategy.

  8. Beauty Influencers Created 25% of All Sponsored Stories.

  9. Influencers have a 10:1 ROI compared to paid media.

  10. Collaborating with an influencer is a strategic decision that enables you to authentically connect with a relevant audience. When entering a partnership, you are entering into potential relationships with an influencer’s entire network.

  11. Many people see gender expression as a personal choice, which shouldn’t be dictated by society or stereotypes. And, individuals expect this freedom of expression to be supported by the brands they buy into.

  12. Ambassador programs are strategic programs set up to identify influential customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. A successful ambassador program will not only build meaningful relationships with your existing clients, but will establish trust for future clients.

  13. Standard practice for influencer campaigns to exist on Instagram, while platforms like TikTok are more experimental. 94% of campaigns include Instagram content.

I hope these factors might assist you in making better decisions in your business while exploring Influencer Marketing!

All the best...

By the way, if you are interested to view the complete report by klear, you may access it here.

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