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13 Simple Tips To Grow Followers On 'Instagram'

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

13 Simple Tips To Grow Followers On 'Instagram'

To increase your Instagram followers, simply follow the methods, tricks, and hacks listed below, consistently:

  1. Post curiosity-based images.

  2. Use carousels (adding 10 photos in post allowed).

  3. Use visuals like This or That to prompt questions.

  4. Post lifestyle photos.

  5. Use puzzle-based images.

  6. Share valuable infographics or information or stories.

  7. Use motivational images

  8. Share experiences and success stories.

  9. Use short videos or make use of reels to engage the audience.

  10. Build yourself as an authority with the content/information you post and share and engage as best as possible with the engaged audience to know you better.

  11. Study data insights and create content around that.

  12. See others, get inspired, and work based on your creativity.

  13. Be consistent with your work activity on Instagram.

Make use of the below content ideas to engage and build the audience on Instagram:

Content Ideas For Instagram For Building Audiences

Check out these DFY templates if you want to take your efforts to the next level!

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