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16 Tips - How To Grow And Scale Your Small Business?

16 Tips - How To Grow And Scale Your Small Business?

Let's start with a few interesting stats and insights:

“44% of people surveyed strongly associate Instagram with discovering local/small brands.” On Instagram, you can create posts, videos or stories to engage with your existing followers and then turn content into ads that can help you get discovered by the people that will love your brand.

People use Instagram to shop, and 44% of surveyed users do so on a weekly basis. Help people discover your products and inspire them to make a purchase by showcasing them in different formats. And don’t forget! You can make all of your content shoppable by using product tags.

People want to build meaningful relationships with brands, and nearly 2 in 3 active users say Instagram allows them to do just that.3 On Instagram, you can excite an audience with captivating content and entice them to make another purchase simply through quality customer service.

To continue further, to start your successful journey through Instagram, these are the tips that will be of great help to you to have a better start to drive results for your small business!

Explore these 16 Tips from Instagram's 8 Page Report on ‘How To Grow And Scale Your Small Business' that may assist small business owners in planning for the future of Instagram Business Marketing to connect, engage, build relationships with audiences or consumers, drive traffic and generate sales including staying ahead of the competition in a post-pandemic era:

  1. Sign up or convert to an Instagram Business account to unlock exclusive features like Professional Dashboard, a hub of resources and inspiration, as well as in-app ad creation and on-platform shopping tools. With an Instagram Business account, you have early access to new tools.

  2. Ask your community to share how they’re using your products by giving them a hashtag to add to their posts. For feed posts, use 3 or more hashtags that describe your business, product or service to reach people who may be interested in your business but haven’t yet discovered it.

  3. Turn your top-performing content into ads by boosting a post. Ads use audience information like location, interests and more to reach the people most likely to love your business. Consider using the “More Profile Visits” or “More Messages” objective for your ads if your primary goal is to grow your Instagram community.

  4. Inspire others. Engage directly with your followers by responding to comments and reactions and replying to direct messages. This can help you build trust with new customers and encourage people to start conversations with your business.

  5. Show off your creativity with entertaining Reels! Tap into what’s trending and share what makes your brand unique. Or, start a trend of your own! Play with humor, transitions, audio or text to entertain your audience and keep them watching.

  6. Give your audience what they love most. Stories are a great place to understand what type of content your audience wants — simply ask them what they want to see with tools like question stickers and polls. Use Instagram Insights to better understand what’s working with your audience. Learn what content and formats perform best, then optimize.

  7. Use your brand’s personality to educate your customers and tell them what they need to know about your products and services. Share you, your team, or influencers using your products to help your customers envision themselves using them.

  8. Stickers can encourage users to take a desired action. Use link stickers to drive people to your website or shopping stickers to drive people to your products in-app.

  9. Use Instagram Stories to repost organic user-generated content that your business gets tagged in or try out the “Add Yours” feature to encourage users to show off how they use your product.

  10. Reels - Show behind-the-scenes content or give your audience an “in-store” shopping experience. Keep your followers engaged with a how-to product tutorial.

  11. Go live and host an interview with a brand that you and your customers love. Use the countdown sticker to build excitement around the event.

  12. Build trust with your community by using Instagram Direct to respond to story interactions or questions. Create automated responses for FAQs that will save time while easily providing great customer service. A positive customer experience with messaging has the potential to generate additional sales opportunities.

  13. Have a product that people might have questions about before purchasing? Ads that click to WhatsApp or Ads that click to Instagram Direct could be a great way to educate your customers. Select the app destination based on where you and your customers prefer to connect. You can improve customer satisfaction by guiding customers throughout their purchase process and providing a consultative experience by answering their questions one-on-one.

  14. Enhance communication with your customers by taking advantage of features like voice messaging and document sharing in WhatsApp, or ice-breakers and photo-sharing in Instagram Direct.

  15. Keep your existing customers and followers exploring with your very own shop on Instagram. With Instagram Shopping, people can browse and purchase products without leaving the app. Set up collections to help your customers find products that they’ll love.

  16. If you’re not a business that’s actively using product tags, consider giving them a try. Upload your Product Catalog and use Product Tags in feed, stories and Reels so people can discover your products in different formats.

I hope that if you use these tips consistently, you will see a gradual improvement in your business and be able to use Instagram effectively to make your online small business journey a success in the coming days!

All the best...

By the way, if you are interested, you may access the complete Instagram's Report here.

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