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19 Life-Changing Business And Marketing Lessons [cost him $11000]

These 19 life-changing business lessons cost Dakota Robertson $11,000+ and took 1 year to learn.

The Twitter thread has been turned into this blog post for the reading convenience of non-Twitter users or readers, with the hope that it will help and inspire.

1. You can create a business with $23:

  • Design on Canva.

  • Get leads from Twitter.

  • Do marketing on Twitter.

  • Develop systems in Notion.

  • Create a landing page on Carrd.

  • Learn skills with YouTube + Google.

2. The business you’re in should meet demand, not try to create it.

3. It’s easier to sell a product or service that solves a pain than one fulfilling a desire.

4. How you say something on a sales call is 10x more important than what you say.

5. Never create a business around what *you assume* people want.

1. Talk to the people you want to help

2. Figure out their pain points

3. Create a business centered around solving those specific pains.

6. People don’t care about what you sell, the only care about how it benefits them.

7. Your offer should specify what your client gets and how long it’ll take.

Example: “I’ll get you 5000 Twitter followers in the next 40 days.”

8. Whatever business you’re in, study psychology, persuasion, and cognitive bias.

9. Your reputation is worth more than any paycheck.

Never sacrifice it for anything.

10. The only time you should partner with someone is when:

• They have time you lack

• They have a skill you lack

• They have money you lack

Even then, look to hire someone instead of giving equity in your business.

11. People buy with emotion, then rationalize with logic.

12. When stating your price on a sales call, say:

“It’s a one time investment of $_____.”

Then, shut the fuck up.

13. Charge as much as humanly possible.


  • Filters out shitty clients

  • Makes clients more invested

  • Separates you from competition

  • Makes you more money for less work

  • Allows you to deliver better results for clients


14. There's no such thing as too high of a price.

Only too little of value.

15. Sell the transformation, not the service.

16. Create SOPs for your business as soon as possible.

You'll save a ton of time, money, and mistakes.

17. Want to make money?

Become valuable.

Want to become wealthy?

Become valuable + scarce.

18. 90% of what you say on sales calls should be questions.

Separate yourself from competitors by positioning yourself as a new solution, not a better one.

19. You’re going to feel like an imposter when you start.

Embrace that it’s normal, stack small wins, and enjoy the ride.

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