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19 Reasons - Why You May Be Unable To Make Money Online?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

19 Reasons - Why You May Be Unable To Make Money Online?

There are many reasons why people say they can't make money online. Some of the most popular include lack of time, lack of skills, lack of motivation, and too much competition. I’ve even heard a few excuses such as being afraid to fail.

But the truth is that there are plenty of ways to make money online, it just needs for you to uncover the basics and create an open mind around the reasons that you talk about yourself!

After summarizing many experiences shared by others including very few at my end including comments viewed, heard, and observed throughout the Internet, this blog post will show you 19 such identified reasons and I hope that once the context around these reasons is clearly understood, you can re-start making money on the internet based on the method whatever you adopt!

To be clear, this post or website does not support any sort of get-rich scheme; however, an attempt has been made to present the perspectives with the associated reasons listed below, which may help you to re-examine your thoughts and move forward with your money-making mission, objective, or goal by going online with more confidence.

There could be one or more of the below 19 reasons on your end that have caused you to struggle to make money online, and it's high time for you to reflect/analyze and make productive decisions so that you can start earning the money you've always wanted:

1. Having poor awareness about making money online methods or opportunities: This can occur for a couple of reasons. One reason is because you may not know what online methods or opportunities to seek out in order to earn money, and the other reason is that they are simply too expensive/complicated. This doesn’t mean you have stopped! You can research and take the next step.

2. Not working with a positive mindset: The way you think about things will inevitably lead to how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally – so if you want to change for the better start by changing what goes through your head!

3. Working without knowledge: Working without knowledge may not know the risks and limitations involved with your work, so you take on more than what's safe for you to do.

Unfortunately, this leads to making mistakes and putting yourself in dangerous situations which could have been avoided if you had simply known of the dangers beforehand by learning or gaining the knowledge about the work you are interested in to make money online.

4. Expecting results to get quicker: It may take a while to see the results of your method selected to make money online or whatever it is you're trying. If that's frustrating for you and/or not what you were expecting then work on yourself instead of putting pressure!

5. Quitting at the earliest without consistent efforts: Quitting at the earliest without consistent efforts will be a waste of time and effort, as it will leave you with nothing to show for your hard work. Consistency is the key.

6. Attempting too many money-making programs than focussing on one: A more positive approach is to take on one money-making program and expand it. You can start with the systems of a few people that have already been successful in their make-money-online ventures and research them for ideas as to how they are managing success.

Learn from these people's mistakes or stories, not just successes, so as not to make any costly errors during your journey toward the fortune or fame that you are targeting.

7. Not having the patience to work: It might not even matter if the technology is old, but just that it's difficult for you to learn and use because of its complex nature. Yet, patience pays off in the end!

As long as you stick with it, eventually, your time will come when you feel like an expert at whatever task was giving you trouble before. Many successful results were built with patience.

8. Spamming with links (in the case of affiliate marketing): It is a process of promotional activity in which you as an affiliate marketer cause large volumes of unrelated, unwanted messages with links sent by email or otherwise forcibly and repeatedly to someone, even some times without consent from the other end.

Spamming is referred to as junk mail or considered a red flag in the online business world. This often leads to the blocking of your accounts or the restriction of activities.

9. Not investing in domain knowledge (not ready to upskill): This will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls and issues that may arise when doing your work, otherwise preventing them from turning your work into something profitable in the future.

10. Indiscipline working hours: Indiscipline working hours can do devastating to your career/goals because it shows laziness in the work, unprepared, and a disorganized mindset.

11. Not using social media platforms effectively (without abuse): You should be using these social media platforms effectively so you can develop a strong presence on them and reach out consistently to the audience with your content without being drowned by noise from competitors.

12. Working with half-knowledge: Working without complete knowledge will often lead you into trouble – it may end up doing things that can cause harm or failure to you through your poor decisions made during the course, because of not having enough insight into work processes or procedures.

13. Not being confident in self: This is a serious issue that plagues many people. Constant comparison and negativity can lead to low self-worth or feelings of inadequacy. It becomes difficult for you to find happiness within yourself and with others, as you constantly feel like there's something wrong with you, when it may not be your fault at all!

As such, becoming confident in yourself requires taking care of one's mental state through positive thinking as well as working on changing any negative thoughts into positive ones through daily affirmations and meditations. So, just work on it!

14. Fear of failure: The feeling that you will not succeed in your endeavor may lead you to avoid participating all together in the work you had intended earlier to earn money online.

15. Regular work commitments: Not creating enough extra time for you to devote, after normal day job hours. This builds procrastination.

16. Regular social and family commitments: These commitments include going out with friends, attending family and professional functions, maintaining relationships with family members and also who live nearby for support when necessary and alike activities. In fact, there is nothing wrong here, but you may have to create a space of time by creating priorities.

17. Not investing in technology tools: To remain competitive in this era of technological advancements, you must invest in technology tools that will make your work operations more efficient and yield results to achieve as early as possible (examples: e-mail marketing tool, website, landing page builder, social media scheduler and any other based on your method of earning online selected).

18. Expecting to earn free without a work mindset: This is counterproductive. The reality is, it's not easy for you to earn money without work or any form of investment. There is no free lunch in the world! Free has many limitations for you that hinder your growth and the goals you want to achieve!

19. Not utilizing existing skills or knowledge productively: In this context, "not utilizing" is defined as not being able to use the skills you already have effectively. An individual who does not utilize their knowledge productively will struggle.

Not knowing how or when to best put your efforts into a particular work could lead to end up feeling unsuccessful in life, so it may tend more towards procrastination than productive work in your life.


Many individuals have the desire to earn money online and are doing so all around the world, including from their homes, but it is not easy. It requires a great deal of effort and determination. As always said, you should conduct your own research before deciding on a strategy for earning money online.

You may transform your negative thinking to a positive mindset and generate money online by being sincere and consistent with your efforts once you have given thought to the aforementioned reasons.

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