4 Strange and Unheard Stats/Facts About Customer Service

Updated: May 24

4 Strange and Unheard Stats/Facts About Customer Service:

You might be surprised by these short stats about Customer Service! In fact, as a business owner or entrepreneur. or marketer, these provide you a piece of vital information to understand to focus on your business that might help you:

  1. Customers today have higher expectations than ever before. In this year's survey, 93% of service teams agree with that statement.

  2. Customer service teams overwhelmingly agreed (76%) that customers are more informed, more likely to share their experiences, and had higher expectations than ever before.

  3. Service teams think customers are even smarter (86% agree) and have higher expectations than they did last year (2019).

  4. 31% of teams think their company considers customer service as an expense, not an opportunity for growth.

The preceding fourth point provides the path for any business to explore more in order to maximize favorable opportunities, which should not be missed!

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Source: PrimoStats

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