4 Strange and Unheard Stats/Facts About Customer Service!

Hi there, you might be surprised by these short stats about Customer Service! In fact, as a business owner or entrepreneur or marketer, these provide you a piece of vital information to understand to focus in your business that might help you:

  1. Customers today have higher expectations than ever before. In this year's survey, 93% of service teams agree with that statement.

  2. Customer service teams overwhelmingly agreed (76%) that customers are more informed, more likely to share their experiences, and had higher expectations than ever before.

  3. Service teams think customers are even smarter (86% agree) and have higher expectations than they did last year (2019).

  4. 31% of teams think their company considers customer service as an expense, not an opportunity for growth.

The above 4th point paves a way for any business to explore more for maximizing beneficial opportunities, which should not be overlooked!

All the best....

Source: PrimoStats.

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