40 Powerful Internet Marketing Hacks! (To Maximize Your Leads and Sales..)

Based on my findings/observations over the last year, I've compiled a list of 40 hacks/tips/strategies for your convenience (some are experienced by me, practiced by me and some are part of my continual learning programmes in the Internet Marketing Business involving the various pro experts revealed secrets in the subject domain).

I suggest you explore the following result-producing strategies (adopted by PRO marketers/businesses all over the world - some are heard and unheard!, while others are least implemented or low focused by the majority of marketers/business owners) and try to incorporate them into your marketing program or business model, depending on your business niche and scale of operations:

  1. In your business/complete marketing's customer acquisition journey, offer freebies wherever possible.

  2. If you are unable to give supplementary resources, such as a bundle offer or a time-limited offer, offer some discounts.

  3. In online marketing, be consistent and examine the data/metrics. Based on the audience's usage, use at least three channels for varied marketing and promotion goals. The market is where a broad audience for more prospects can be found.

  4. Always do A/B testing in the marketing campaigns based on the above. Consistency in efforts is the key to bear the fruit of the Internet Marketing exercise.

  5. Explore blogging in your business model. Use value offered article or blog post as a landing page if possible in your paid campaigns. This is an untapped opportunity to engage and build leads. Engage with comments. Utilize comments to develop a product or service that maximizes the product's worth in terms of its benefits is a highly appreciated move.

  6. Begin your email marketing campaign (if you have email lists). Sending newsletters only with the goal of offering value-added service will help you build relationships and trust. This moves viewers closer to becoming clients or purchases.

  7. In the lead capture page, landing page, or bridge page, focus on the problems that your product or service might solve for the targeted demographic.

  8. If possible, use chat widgets on the landing page or website page to grab likely missing audiences.

  9. Create an exit pop-up depending on your business niche, giving discounts, longer free trials, or similar incentives.

  10. Create a headline for the ad copy that focuses on attracting attention.

  11. Use images/videos on the landing page wherever possible to draw the intended audience's attention. Copywriting/Copywriters will be beneficial to you to maximize sales/leads.

  12. On the landing page or sales page, include more social proof/testimonials/customer feedbacks or certifications or recognitions and alike to establish a sense of security or acceptance to move from a strange mindset to buying mindset.

  13. If the landing page has a sales context, use CTA (Call To Action) buttons regularly.

  14. Make the site secured. Else, the visitor's buying fails for data security concerns.

  15. After lead capture or sales completion, start nurturing leads using an email auto-responder and a welcome page or thank you page with upsells/downsells, or redirect them to where you want them to focus next. Most untapped page is a thank you page. Use this wisely to increase opportunities. Make use of automation to skyrocket process efficiency.

  16. To create relationships with the audience, use your own videos on the welcome and thank you pages if at all possible.

  17. If you're utilizing social media redirection, make sure your profile is designed to generate traffic and connect back to the sales page or give some lead magnets (like an e-course, e-book, or free webinar video, for example).

  18. Offer immediate discounts by the Whatsapp Chat method if integrated, offering coupon codes and alike while engaging the audience. Use your own channels or customer-centric channels to engage with you than they just moving out of your site.

  19. Attend leads immediately after lead capture or reduce turnaround time if the call is involved in your business sales process.

  20. Offer an extended free trial.

  21. Introduce Refer and Earn or Affiliate Marketing Program in your business model.

  22. For low ticket products, use IM (Instant Messaging Marketing) methods like SMS/Whatsapp and alike.

  23. Use ready-made social media templates to save your time and efforts in the social media audience and lead the building process by organic traffic.

  24. Explore JV or tie-up with other business owners of the same or similar niche for cross-promotion of the products or services.

  25. Wherever possible, close the deals on phone after leads capture.

  26. Engage with the potential individuals who have not purchased your product or service by follow up mail from time to time (gaps of days or months) and this gradually sense prospects attention and also, that you are the authority, the trust factor improves, and you supply bits and pieces of value in your communication. In the end, he/she will buy the product, either the same one or a different one. This is due to the relationships that have developed through time.

  27. Collect feedback or manage objections as calmly as possible, and agree on the problem from the prospect's standpoint. Then, by understanding the reasons for the prospect's refusal to buy, fine-tune the product or service, then use any flexibility offers, approaches, or annual offers to smash those objections in the follow upstage.

  28. Integrate marketing automation systems to stay in touch with prospects based on leads generated by sending a series of emails (that don't feel spammy) that aren't overly salesy.

  29. For the leads who are still undecided, use a zoom call or any other approach to help them understand better. It's an attempt to convert.

  30. Throughout the internet marketing journey, focus on client feedback or troubleshooting systems to fine-tune the product or services.

  31. To show how much you value your clients, give them free extended updates.

  32. Introduce a client referral program in which they may earn more discounts on existing products, as well as other freebies or extended deals, based on the number of people they refer. This will help to extend the customer's trust journey.

  33. Request the most recent testimonials from time to time and include them into your internet marketing campaigns.

  34. Use influencers if possible to maximize your sales.

  35. Use native ads for building branding and promotion which are cost-effective.

  36. Introduce Black Friday Offers.

  37. Create a festival/event/occasion theme depending on the geographic location of the business and advertise the product or service with discounts or bundle offers during the period. You might make this period or promotion limited in time to create a sense of urgency.

  38. Introducing a series of high-ticket webinars generates high-quality leads.

  39. Wherever possible, capture leads (emails) throughout the whole business process journey; these serve as email assets for a client lifetime value.

  40. Use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for B2C Business Model. Use LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads for B2B Business Model. Paid ads are the best traffic driving master.

I hope that these hacks, tips, and suggestions will assist you in taking your business to the next level in terms of maximizing leads and sales, as well as improving your overall prospects in the Internet Marketing arena.

All the best...and as always said, "Fortune Lies In Follow-up" which never to be ignored!

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