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40 Powerful Internet Marketing Hacks (To Maximize Your Leads and Sales)

Updated: May 23, 2022

40 Powerful Internet Marketing Hacks (To Maximize Your Leads and Sales)

40 Powerful Internet Marketing Hacks (To Maximize Your Leads and Sales):

I've developed a list of 40 hacks or tips or strategies for your convenience, based on my findings or observations over the last year (some are experienced by me, practiced by me and some are part of my continual learning programs in the Internet Marketing Business involving the various pro experts revealed secrets in the subject domain).

I recommend that, depending on your business niche and scale of operations, you explore to implement the following result-producing strategies (adopted by PRO marketers/businesses all over the world - some are heard and unheard!, while others are least implemented or low focused by the majority of marketers/business owners) and try to incorporate them into your marketing program or business model:

  1. Offer freebies wherever possible in your company's or marketing's consumer acquisition journey.

  2. If you can't provide additional resources, such as a package or a limited-time deal, give discounts.

  3. Consistency and analysis of data or metrics are important in online marketing. Use at least three channels for different marketing and promotion purposes, depending on how the audience uses them.

  4. Always conduct A/B testing in marketing initiatives. The key to reaping the benefits of Internet marketing is to remain consistent in your efforts.

  5. Consider incorporating blogging into your marketing strategy. If possible, in your paid advertising, use a value-offered article or blog post as a landing page. This is an untapped source of engagement and lead generation. Participate in the discussion. Using customer feedback to create a product or service that maximizes the product's value.

  6. Start an email marketing campaign today (if you have email lists). Sending newsletters solely to provide value-added services will aid in the development of connections and trust. This brings viewers closer to becoming customers or purchasing something.

  7. Focus on the problems that your product or service might answer for the targeted audience on the lead capture page, landing page, or bridge page.

  8. Use chat widgets on the landing page or website page if possible to capture likely untapped audiences.

  9. Create an exit pop-up that offers discounts, free trials, or other incentives, depending on your business niche.

  10. Make an attention-getting title for the ad copy. You may make use of this AI-powered tool to generate attention-grabbing headlines and ad copy or sales copy.

  11. Use high-quality images or short videos on the landing page to grab the attention of the intended audience. You will benefit from copywriting/copywriters in order to increase leads and sales.

  12. Include more social proof or testimonials or customer feedback or certifications or recognitions and the like on the landing page or sales page to generate a sense of security or acceptance to go from a strange mindset to a buying mindset.

  13. Use CTA (Call To Action) buttons frequently if the landing page has a sales context.

  14. Secure the website. Otherwise, the visitor's purchase is likely canceled due to worries about data security.

  15. Start nurturing leads with an email autoresponder and a welcome page or thank you page with upsells or downsells, or redirect them to where you want them to focus next after lead capture or sales fulfillment. Thank you pages are the most underutilized. Make good use of this to expand your options. Use automation to increase the efficiency of your processes.

  16. If at all possible, use your own videos on the welcome and thank you pages to build a relationship with your audience.

  17. If you're using social media redirection, make sure your profile is set up to create traffic and links back to your sales page or lead magnets (like an e-course, e-book, or free webinar video, for example).

  18. If you use the Whatsapp Chat approach, you may give immediate discounts, offer coupon codes, and engage your audience. Rather than leaving your site, engage with your customers via your own channels or customer-centric channels.

  19. If the call is part of your business's sales process, you can respond to leads right away after they've been captured to improve the conversion rates.

  20. Provide a longer free trial period, if possible to retain customers.

  21. Incorporate a Refer-a-Friend or Affiliate Marketing Program into your business plan.

  22. Use IM (Instant Messaging Marketing) tools such as SMS or Whatsapp for low-ticket products.

  23. To save time and effort in growing your social media audience, use ready-made social media templates.

  24. Consider forming a joint venture or forming a partnership with other business owners in the same or related niches to promote your products or services.

  25. Close deals over the phone whenever possible after capturing leads.

  26. Follow up with potential customers who have not purchased your product or service on a regular basis (days or months) to gradually gain their attention and also to demonstrate that you are the authority, the trust factor improves, and you provide bits and pieces of value in your communications. Finally, he or she will purchase the thing, whether it is the same or not. This is attributed to long-term connections.

  27. Collect feedback or handle objections as calmly as possible, then agree on a solution from the prospect's perspective. Then, in the follow-up step, fine-tune the product or service by identifying the reasons for the prospect's rejection to buy, and use any flexible offers, approaches, or annual offers to crush those objections.

  28. Integrate marketing automation tools to stay in touch with prospects based on leads generated by sending a series of non-spammy emails.

  29. Use a zoom call or another method to help undecided leads understand the situation better. This is a conversion effort.

  30. Focus on client feedback or troubleshooting mechanisms to fine-tune the product or services along the internet marketing journey.

  31. Give your clients free extended updates to show how much you respect them.

  32. Introduce a client referral program in which they can earn further discounts on existing products, as well as other freebies or special offers, based on the number of individuals they refer. This will contribute to the customer's trust journey being extended.

  33. Request new testimonials on a regular basis and include them into your internet marketing strategies to maximize conversions or at least build engagement.

  34. If at all feasible, use influencers to boost your sales.

  35. Use native ads to boost brand awareness and promote your business at a low cost.

  36. Introduce Black Friday deals.

  37. Create a festival, event, or occasion theme based on the business's geographic region, and promote the product or service during the period with discounts or package offers. To create a sense of urgency, you may make this period or promotion limited in time.

  38. High-quality leads are generated by launching a series of high-ticket webinars.

  39. Capture leads (emails) as much as feasible during the business process; these serve as email assets for a client's lifetime worth.

  40. For a B2C business model, use Facebook and Instagram ads. For a B2B business model, use LinkedIn and Facebook ads. Paid advertisements are the most effective traffic generator. [Here are the latest social media trends]

Pro-Tip: Remember, "Fortune Lies In Follow-Up," which should never be overlooked!

I hope that these hacks, tips, and recommendations will help you take your business to the next level in terms of increasing leads and sales, as well as enhancing your overall Internet Marketing's success chances.

All the best...

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