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Are You Facing These Challenges That Block You To Become Content Writer or Content Marketer?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Are You Facing These Challenges That Block You To Become Content Writer or Content Marketer?

Are You Facing These Challenges That Block You To Become Content Writer or Content Marketer?:

You might have seen a lot of SEO professionals, Adwords specialists, and Social media specialists.

You might have even seen plenty of affiliate marketers, bloggers, and analytics specialists.

But, you wouldn’t have seen a lot of content marketers and content writers who are thriving.


Have you wondered why?

It’s because of two challenges:

  • The challenges companies face when it comes to recruiting content marketers and writers.

  • The challenges you face while becoming a content marketer or writer.

You need to understand both of them:

Let’s first know the challenges faced by the Companies:

1: Finding good and affordable content writers are the first and foremost problem for companies. Because there aren't plenty of content writers and it's hard to identify the good ones.

2: The second challenge is finding content writers with a marketing mindset.

Even if companies manage to find good writers, it's hard to get the ones who also understand the marketing side of the content like the awareness levels, psychological triggers, etc.,

3: The third challenge is creating quality content that provides value to the audience.

It’s again because of the lack of good content writers who can produce such quality content and content marketers who can come up with the content ideas that matter to the audiences.

4: The fourth one is deciding what to produce.

Because to do it, you need a good content marketer, who knows how to research and find what precisely the audience wants.

5: The fifth is, making sure the content reaches the right audience.

How to get the content found by the right audience is the question for many after they manage to create the content. That’s where an experienced content marketer — someone who knows how to promote the content, is needed.

6: The last one is measuring and proving the ROI of content marketing to the stakeholders.

Businesses need to justify every marketing $ spent and how it produced a profit to the company. And to do it for their content marketing investment, they need a capable content marketer.

It's not the end of the challenges. There's plenty more.

In short, the real challenge is finding good content writers and content marketers.

This means they need more of you!

You, the content writer, or the content marketer. You could be the solution.

>>>>But you are also facing challenges…! The challenges that are stopping you from becoming the solution! right!?

But before getting to it, we need to fix one basic thing.

Many of you want to become a content writer or a content marketer.

But, a lot of you believe that you aren’t up to it, or you don’t have the skills.

That’s a LIE.

You have the skills and potential to become a content writer/marketer more than anyone else.


Let me explain:

1. How many questions have you answered in your school days without even knowing the actual answers?

How many times you have written pages and pages of answers with just the understanding of the subject and guesswork.

I have done it a lot, and I’m sure plenty of you did the same.


You have the content writing skills in you. You can write.

And to be honest, you can write a LOT without working too hard.

2. How many times have you come up with stories for not doing the homework or turning up late to school or not completing something you should’ve completed?

How many times have you come up with stories aka excuses for not doing something that your parents expected?

If you are like me, it would be more occasions than you can count.


Well, then you got storytelling skills.

And storytelling makes you a better content writer and marketer.

3. In your school days and college days, How many times have you cooked up larger than life stories to impress your friends?

Might have been a handful, right?

That means you got the storytelling and persuasion skills.

And that makes you a better content writer and marketer.

4. How many times have you guessed how a movie is going to end or what the next scene is going to be?

How many times have you narrated the story [of the movie] to your friends and family?

How many times have you narrated something that happened to you to someone else who wasn’t there?

I’m sure you would have done it a lot of times and done it really well.

That means you got the skills to narrate something, interestingly.

And that’s another essential skill for a content marketer and writer.

Don’t you see it now? You have all the required skills to become a better content marketer or content writer!

And still, you think you aren’t good enough to become one.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Let me emphasize it again: You got enough to become a content marketer.

You are a natural content marketer.

You have been doing content marketing since your school days.

Trust me.

So, why wait for more? Go for it....

All the best....

Source: Digital Deepak

P.S: >>> If you're still unsure or worried about something, or if you think you'll need additional guidance to become a confident content writer and content marketer, you can just check this out.

P.S: If you think this blog post will benefit you or others in your network/community, please share it, so that those in need can benefit from your tiny efforts! Also, don’t forget to see other value-packed blog posts from this blog that might help you/your business.

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