Are You Part Of These 70+ Best 'Art' Affiliate Programs?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hi there, are you a creator/designer? affiliate marketer? online marketer? social media user? internet marketer? online entrepreneur? business owner? want to earn online from such ART Affiliate Programs? Then this is for you...

Now, you have the option to work as an affiliate with the best 70+ ART affiliate programs in the world based on your interests and passion and as per your choice, which are offered by a variety of leading, trending, and well-known businesses that have established a strong presence.

If you are a beginner or newbie to this affiliate marketing concept, this is what it means: Affiliate Marketing is promoting other person’s or other company’s or other businesses products or services to market/audience/friends/followers/family/visitors (in general to anyone) and if someone purchases/buys through your referral link or affiliate link, then you earn a commission on each sale, which varies business to business (affiliate program). These commissions can be one time and in some cases, might be recurring!

Indeed, some people work part-time and earn passive income from Affiliate Programs; for some, it is a hobby, while for others, it is a source of additional income. For those willing to put in the time and effort, the possibilities are limitless.

Also to mention that, a few affiliate programs may be unavailable in some locations/countries. Still, you could explore the gross possibilities based on your interest, enthusiasm and commitments as stated above to earn online income and build your own internet business around it.

So, let's take a very brief look at each one by one and by the way, consider this blog post as your guidance purpose only. You might explore more information on each affiliate program from the link available at the end of this post.

Here are the below 70+ best ART AFFILIATE Programs offered by businesses across the world:

  1. Etsy Affiliate Program - Etsy is a marketplace of handtrafted pieces and vintage treasures from sellers around the world. Get a 5% commission per sale with 30-day cookies. Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  2. Minted Affiliate Program: Minted is a design marketplace that connects you with independent artists. Get 15% commission as a regular affiliate and 13% as a photography affiliate.

  3. Adobe Affiliate Program: Adobe offers a suite of design products, including Photoshop. Get 85% commission on a customer's 1st monthly payment and 8.33% per yearly subscription. Commission Rate: 8.33% - 85% Per Sale

  4. CafePress Affiliate Program: Celebrate everyone's unique identity and passions with custom t-shirts, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, and more. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  5. Arteza US Affiliate Program: Arteza US creates high-quality arts & crafts supplies and shares content that inspires and empowers our creator community. Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  6. RedBubble Affiliate Program: RedBubble will put your art and designs on a variety of products. It's a great place to buy art and support independent artists. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  7. PetCanva Affiliate Program: PetCanva hand-designs a picture of your pet in a T-shirt, blanket, phone case, canvas, socks, and much more. Commission Rate: 3% - 6% Per Sale.

  8. Crayola Affiliate Programs: Crayola is known best for its line of crayons and other coloring products, but they also offer other art supplies, too. Commission Rate: 3% - 5% Per Sale.

  9. Canva Affiliate Program: Canva is a popular graphic design software that works great for both beginners and advanced users. Get commission on plan signups! Commission Rate: 15% - 80% Per Lead.

  10. Ohuhu Affiliate Program: Ohuhu made its name for itself as a go-to art supplies brand that aims to empower everyone to paint up their inspiration. Commission Rate: 6% - 10% Per Sale.

  11. Slowtide Affiliate Program: Slowtide’s art provides you with a canvas for self-expression. Each product is crafted with premium and sustainable materials. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  12. JOANN Affiliate Program: JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores is one of the US's largest specialty retailer of fabrics and crafts with over 860 stores in 49 states. Commission Rate: 0% - 0.8% Per Sale.

  13. Michaels Affiliate Program: Michaels has the products you need for home decor, framing, scrapbooking, and more. Shop and save on arts and crafts supplies! Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  14. Canvas Pop Affiliate Program: Canvas Pop takes your digital photographs, blows them up, and prints them on real canvas for you. It's cool for newbies and pros alike. Commission Rate: 11% Per Sale.

  15. My Paint My Numbers Affiliate Program: My Paint by Numbers offers special painting kits. Each painting is supplied as an outline with numbered segments for each individual color. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  16. Wool and the Gang Affiliate Marketing: Wool and the Gang is a company that's all about making knitting fun and accessible for all. Find hundreds of knit kits, patterns, and more! Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale.

  17. Sothbye's Affiliate Program: Sotheby’s are the people who manage auctions for works of art valued in the tens of millions. Many pieces must be inquired privately. Commission Rate: $250 Per Sale.

  18. Artistic Painting Studio Affiliate Program: APS is a full-service decorative painting studio carrying all the painting supplies you'll need in one place. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  19. Mechanical Models UK Affiliate Program: Mechanical Models is a UK-based distributor & importer of all things mechanical model building, hobby & craft. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  20. CreativeLive Affiliate Program: CreativeLive offers free live classes and a digital catalog to teach new skills. Get 10-20% per sale and $1 per lead as an affiliate member. Commission Rate: 30% Per Lead.

  21. Displate Affiliate Program: Displate is a metal poster designed to capture your unique passions. It's a modern canvas that’s sturdy, magnet mounted, and durable. Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale.

  22. Tailor Brands Affiliate Program: Tailor Brands is the world’s first AI-powered logo design and branding platform. Create a logo and develop a brand identity in 5 minutes. Commission Rate: $100 Per Lead.

  23. AbeBooks Affiliate Program: AbeBooks is a trusted online book, collectibles, and fine art marketplace. They list new, used, and hard-to-find books. Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  24. Anuschka Affiliate Program: Anuschka is a unique creation that blends art and functionality. It offers premier, original hand-painted items at select boutiques. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  25. Art Discount Affiliate Program: Art Discount has been selling discounted art supplies to amateur, professional, and commercial customers for over 100 years. Commission Rate: 4% Per Sale.

  26. Arteza Affiliate Program: Arteza's focus is on providing a range of affordable arts and crafts supplies, from basic pencils to premium oil-based paints. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  27. Art To Frames Affiliate Program: This is a family-run business – set up in 1929 – that sells handmade frames to help each picture or print tell its story. Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale.

  28. Framed Art Affiliate Program: Investing in wall art can be expensive if you buy original pieces, but with Framed Art, you can simply get a high-quality print instead. Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale.

  29. Artfinder Affiliate Program: Artfinder is a UK website that offers original art from artists around the world. Buy wall art, original paintings, sculptures, and more! Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  30. Mozaico Affiliate Program: Each of Mozaico's range of hand-crafted mosaics is made from marble and glass tesserae for the most authentic finish possible. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  31. Zatista Affiliate Program: Zatista claims to be the best way to buy art online. Buy original art, paintings, and fine art photography from their online art gallery. Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale.

  32. Printful Affiliate Program: Printful is online product printing and fulfillment in one. Print t-shirts, clothing, posters, and mugs, all from an easy dashboard. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  33. Craft Edge Affiliate Program: At Craft Edge, find cutting software for your electronic cutting machines, plotters, and vinyl cutters. Get up to 50% commission! Commission Rate: 15% - 50% Per Sale.

  34. Scrapbook MAX Affiliate Program: Scrapbook MAX! is all about making scrapbooking simple. Make amazing scrapbooks on your computer without learning Photoshop. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  35. Auto FX Software Affiliate Program: Auto Fx claims to offer futuristic, easy-to-use professional ​photo enhancement solutions from out of this world. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  36. Artists Network Affiliate Program: Artists Network offers creative content, education, and products for a community of artists and makers. Get 12% commission per sale! Commission Rate: 12% Per Sale.

  37. KelbyOne Affiliate Program: Bring your skills into focus with online photography courses. Touch up your work by learning Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom online, too. Commission Rate: 4% - 40% Per Sale.

  38. Stencil Affiliate Program: Stencil is ideal for people who aren't designers but still need graphics for their social media posts, site content, etc. Commission Rate: 30% Recurring.

  39. Artfully Walls Affiliate Program: Artfully Walls is a chic, contemporary and affordable way to shop for art prints online via beautifully styled gallery walls, Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  40. Art. com Affiliate Program: Invigorate your walls with refreshing artwork at low prices. Discover museum-quality art by genre, by subject, by color, you name it. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  41. Printify Affiliate Program: Sell custom t-shirts, phone cases, and 300+ products with your designs printed on demand. Printify will handle printing and shipping. Commission Rate: 5% Recurring.

  42. Learn Cake Decorating Online Affiliate Program: Learn Cake Decorating Online is a website that offers courses and ebooks on how to decorate cakes. Get 30% to 50% recurring commission. Commission Rate: 30% - 50% Recurring.

  43. Society6 Affiliate Program: Society 6 is a platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure to an international audience. Artists can sell their wares without large fees. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  44. Fine Art Americal Affiliate Program: Fine Art America is a company that specializes in helping artists sell their images to a global audience through print-on-demand technology. Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale.

  45. Blick Art Materials Affiliate Program: Blick has all the paints, cases, paper, boards, brushes, and other materials an artist will need for each stage of their journey. Commission Rate: 3% Per Sale.

  46. KidArtLit Affiliate Program: It's art kit meets storytime! This subscription box service ensures that kids get to experience creating as a developmental tool. Commission Rate: $7 Per Sale.

  47. Saatchi Art Affiliate Program: Buy artwork online. Find the perfect paintings, fine art photographs, and more from the largest selection of original art in the world. Commission Rate: 4% - 13% Per Sale.

  48. Digidesignresort Affiliate Program: Digidesignresort aims to provide the best resources for digital scrapbooking, hand lettering, bullet journaling, and other digital goods. Commission Rate: 5% - 10% Per Sale.

  49. Leisure Arts Affiliate Program: Leisure Arts works to tap into the enthusiastic curiosity of makers. They publish and distribute "how-to" and lifestyle publications. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  50. Yeners Way Affiliate Program: This online cake decorating school has a library of 242 (and counting) online cake decorating tutorials taught by Chef Serdar Yener. Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale.

  51. Homeschool Copywork Affiliate Program: Homeschool Copywork has copywork and handwriting practice for homeschoolers. It also offers artist studies, hymn studies, and more! Commission Rate: Unknown at the moment.

  52. Placeit Affiliate Program: With Placeit, you can make a logo, video, mockup, flyer, business card, and social media image in seconds right from your browser. Commission Rate: Varies.

  53. Scrapbook .com Affiliate Program: touts itself as the largest scrapbooking store. Get free project ideas, take classes, and shop discount scrapbooking supplies. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  54. Webflow Affiliate Program: Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code. Commission Rate: 50% Discount.

  55. CraftCruises Affiliate Program: CraftCruises has a line of world-class cruises that customers can book and have an exotic vacation with their loved ones. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  56. Marker Universe Affiliate Program: The markers you’ll find at Marker Universe are for professional illustrators and artists. You’ll find them stocking top brands. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  57. C&T Affiliate Program: C&T Publishing is a craft book publisher. Find books and products on quilting, sewing, embroidery, cozy mysteries, cosplay, and more. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  58. Creativebug Affiliate Program: Creativebug offers thousands of online classes each week, covering dozens of different subjects. Some include painting, sewing, and cooking. Commission Rate: Varies.

  59. Zazzle Affiliate Program: Earn 15% commissions with a 45-day cookie when you become an affiliate for Zazzle. If your site caters to creatives, head here. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  60. Prints of Love Affiliate Program: Prints of Love offer custom printing services on cards, signs, and more. This is great for people who sell card designs. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  61. Cake Stackers Affiliate Program: Cake Stackers' cake stands offer the latest cake stacking system for every cake decorator large or small, professional or home baker. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  62. Jesse James Beads Affiliate Program: Jesse James Beads has been around for 30 years, with their beading products found in big crafting and beading stores around the world. Commission Rate: 6% Per Sale.

  63. Sticker Hub Affiliate Program: Sticker Hub not only offers you the ability to promote premium designer stickers, they also have their custom designer Sticker Maker. Commission Rate: 15% - 20% Per Sale.

  64. Corel Affiliate Program: Corel is best known for CorelDRAW, a professional, all-in-one suite for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  65. Mister Art Affiliate Program: Claiming to be the largest online source for discount art and craft supplies, serves both professional and amateur artists. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  66. CraftStash Affiliate Program: CraftStash is a leading online store selling craft products such as dies, die-cutting machines, stamps, ink, card, sewing patterns, and more. Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  67. Willow Yarns Affiliate Program: Willow Yarns offers beautiful yarns to inspire knitters and crocheters, as well as patterns to help you decorate your life! Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  68. Lia Griffith Affiliate Program: Lia Griffith offers daily DIY projects and patterns for your creative side. She also has the Felt Paper Scissors online craft store. Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale.

  69. Design Pickle Affiliate Program: Get all the graphic design help you need for a low flat rate. It's like adding a part-time designer to your team for a fraction of the price! Commission Rate: Unknown at the moment.

  70. Ultrecht Affiliate Program: Utrecht is highly regarded by artists, teachers, and students. They offering a wide selection of fine art supplies. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  71. Imagekind Affiliate Program: Imagekind allows independent artists the opportunity to join a community and sell fine art prints of their original images online. Commission Rate: 2.5% - 15% Per Sale.

  72. Tiny Prints Affiliate Program: They have plenty of premium unique designs for you to choose from for your invitations, announcements, and holiday greetings. Commission Rate: 2% - 10% Per Sale.

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I wish you all the best.... Source: Lasso P.S: By the way, if someone is seriously interested in learning Professional Affiliate Marketing or becoming a Confident Affiliate Marketer, then access here. P.S.S: As you explore the programs, kindly make your own due diligence before any action. The commissions per sale might vary from time to time. To clarify: Affiliate Marketing is not a quick rich system. It is purely an internet business. If you loved this blog post, you may kindly share it with others that might help.

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