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I have come across many questions in many online platforms seeking to earn money online or make money online without investment using Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, for this, I would like to inform you all the following as suggestions:

  1. To be honest, if you want to earn money online or make money online or those willing to start an online business or home-based business, without investment, there is no possibility in the majority of the cases.

  2. If you want to earn a good decent income as extra income or additional income or passive income either to support your self or to support your family or if you want to start an online business, there is a minimal investment that is required in the form of course learning fees, laptop/desktop with a stable internet connection.

  3. The knowledge that you gain is the foundation to work in any business you want.

  4. There is a serious understanding is required that earning money or making money online is not easy, but simple when you gain knowledge by following strategies that you have learned from the courses or knowledge gaining process.

  5. As a suggestion to those who are willing to start an online business or digital marketing business or digital marketing career or Affiliate Marketing business or career, YOU should learn the Digital Marketing Course (to become social media marketer) basically and then learn the Affiliate Marketing, because, basic knowledge of Digital Marketing is vital for easy understanding on the operational knowledge of Affiliate Marketing Business. You can also start directly working on Affiliate Marketing, not a problem, but learning will be far easier when Digital Marketing knowledge is already available in terms of understanding certain terminologies like a lead magnet, landing page, how to build social media profiles, how to write contents or blogs and many more including how to create your own website.

  6. Learn free video information on Digital Marketing and those willing to learn Affiliate Marketing, refer here.

  7. To understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing Online Business, refer free video here.

  8. To summarize, Invest in yourself and then expect to get the benefits in the future and these two professions are growing rapidly day to day and by the time, you realize this, many people would have got the benefits. Always keep in mind, there is no free lunch!.

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