Beware of Mobile Tower Installation Income/Rent Scams!

Dear Readers,

You might have come across several news scrolling across social media platforms posing as companies that will install Mobile Towers on your House Roof/Vacant land by showing you some offers like paying Rent 10X and advance in several lakhs. But, hold on, please follow the below steps to ensure you don't fall to prey to such fraud companies who use the innocence of the customers seeking such income in the current ongoing situations where almost all the people or group are seeking ways to supplement their income due to several impacts due to Corona Pandemic. Obviously, the psychologically, the earning money or incoming money offers attracts our brain the most than thinking of the several logical reasons before we act on.

Hence, to help you with this, I have stated below precautionary steps to be followed by you before opting to such requests/offers, because at the end of the day, THIS IS YOUR MONEY! and it is you need to take precaution:

  1. Don't believe on the visiting cards of the company who is offering such mobile tower installation.

  2. Ask their letter head of the company.

  3. Seek their GST, PAN, TAN, Board of Directors details and DIN numbers.

  4. Inform them to contact after 1 week at least if they call you repeatedly.

  5. Don believe whatso ever the proof they send it to you!! till you investigate.

  6. Request your friends/relatives/if you know any CA or auditor, to track the authenticity of the information provided on GST number, PAN, TAN, Board of Directors DIN numbers to know are these fake or not. This is the crucial step for judgement.

  7. Even if you have contact with any Telecommunication Dept officials, seek their help to know the company name is really operating in the market.

  8. Don't transfer any money till you investigate and draw the conclusion.

  9. Check your network of friends/relatives/office colleagues circle, have they come across any such companies with the offer/income they are stating to give in exchange of renting for Mobile Tower Installations.

  10. Seek the registration copies of all the above records including permission they had obtained to do such business.

  11. You can also search for reviews about the company.

After examining the above, take action only if you are fully satisfied and convinced. NEVER EVER TAKE DECISION BY YOURSELF as there are many such companies who are always on the hunt the innocent people.

Further, I also request you to discuss with your friends/family/social circle on the above points to create awareness so that all of them exercise safer option. Very few genuine companies do the business, but many other companies are exploiting the people in the name of huge rent offers that tempts anyone. So, be careful and do necessary due diligence from your end. Remember, DONT PAY SINGLE RUPEE TILL YOU ARE SATISFIED SUPPORTED BY GENUINE EVIDENCES.

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