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Brand Awareness vs Brand Association - [Cognitive Clash]

Brand Awareness vs Brand Association
Photo by Max Fischer [Pexels]

Brand Awareness vs Brand Association:

Brand awareness and brand association are two important concepts in the world of marketing that play a crucial role in establishing a brand's identity and building its reputation.

While they may sound similar, they have distinct differences and serve different purposes. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

“Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has described a company’s branding as “what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In other words, your brand is people's feelings and emotions when hearing your company name” HubSpot

Brand Awareness vs Brand Association:

1. Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness refers to the level of recognition and familiarity that consumers have with a particular brand.

It is about making your target audience aware of your brand's existence, products, and services. In simple terms, it's the extent to which people know about your brand.

Building brand awareness is essential because it lays the foundation for a successful marketing strategy.

Without brand awareness, potential customers won't even know that your brand exists.

It helps create a sense of familiarity and trust, making consumers more likely to consider your brand when making purchasing decisions.

There are various strategies that businesses can employ to increase brand awareness. These include advertising campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer partnerships, public relations activities, and more.

The overall goal is to make your brand visible and memorable to your target audience.

“When asked for their top goals for social media, raising brand awareness (81%) and brand engagement (55%) were the most popular across all sectors” - State of Social 2023 Report [EMEA Edition] by Meltwater

2. Brand Association:

On the other hand, brand association refers to the mental connections or associations that consumers make with a particular brand.

It involves linking your brand with specific qualities, values, or attributes in the minds of consumers.

Brand association helps shape consumers' perceptions and influences their decision-making process.

For example, if you think of premium shoes, brands like Nike, Adidas, or Reebok might come to mind.

These brands have successfully associated themselves with prestige, quality, and exclusivity.

Similarly, when you think of fast-food restaurant chains, McDonald's, Domino's, or Burger King might be the first ones that come to mind due to their strong brand associations with convenience.

Brand association can be built through consistent messaging, visual identity, customer experiences, endorsements by reputable individuals or organizations, and other branding efforts.

It requires a deep understanding of your target audience and their desires, as well as aligning your brand values with their needs and wants.

“Brand building primes future buyers long before they enter the market and boosts short-term sales too” - LinkedIn Ads and Winning by Design SaaS Market Report

Brand Awareness vs Brand Association - Comparison:

Here's a tabular comparison of the most important aspects between "Brand Awareness" and "Brand Association":

Brand Awareness vs Brand Association Comparison Table
Image Content Source - Generated through ChatGPT

Keep in mind that these aspects often intersect and influence each other in overall brand strategy.

In summary, while brand awareness focuses on making consumers aware of your brand's existence, the brand association goes a step further by establishing specific associations and connections in consumers' minds.

Both are essential for building a strong brand presence and attracting loyal customers.

It's important for businesses to invest in both aspects of branding to create a well-rounded marketing strategy that drives long-term success.

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