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[ChatGPT and SEO] - Are they connected or hype?

Updated: Feb 19

ChatGPT and SEO - [AI ChatGPT SEO Content Writing]
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ChatGPT and SEO:

ChatGPT and SEO: are they connected or hyped?

According to what I know, ChatGPT was not designed primarily to affect SEO (search engine optimization) in any direct way. SEO is still a necessary practice today to optimize websites and content for search engine visibility.

Yet, there is greater hype about ChatGPT SEO, despite being encouraging, which makes it worthwhile to use in content marketing activities.

"Any impact of ChatGPT on Google's search dominance is overblown at this point, as ChatGPT only has 2% of Google's monthly traffic” Search Engine Land

AI ChatGPT and SEO:

Significant advancements have taken place in OpenAI's ChatGPT application over the past year, leading to its adoption by diverse user demographics worldwide.

Initial Fear Regarding Search Traffic:

While there was initial concern that ChatGPT would impact search traffic, it didn't meet the expectations of the SEO community.

However, the concern within the SEO community, bloggers, website owners, and content creators intensified when AI was integrated into Google Search Engine (Bard), gradually impacting organic traffic and CTR for some websites.

Positive Perception of ChatGPT:

The use of ChatGPT in various SEO and content applications has been well-received and has started to be adopted by diverse content communities worldwide.

Future Outlook and Google's Experimentation:

Currently, there is no immediate threat from OpenAI's ChatGPT on Google Search or organic search traffic.

But many aspects need to be examined in the days ahead, as Google is also actively working to enhance its popularity against a few of its rivals by experimenting with the search generative experience (SGE) and other features.

Based on multiple research studies and various social media community observations to date, it is estimated that 5–9% of Google's search traffic is affected by the utilization of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT affecting SEO organic search traffic

In conclusion, the integration of ChatGPT into SEO and content applications has brought about both opportunities and challenges for the industry.

While it has been positively received by various content communities globally, concerns about its impact on search traffic and CTR remain.

As technology continues to evolve, SEO professionals need to stay ahead and adapt their strategies.

The future of ChatGPT in SEO is promising, yet it requires careful navigation and continuous monitoring to maximize its benefits for the industry.

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Is ChatGPT Going to Kill SEO?:

No, ChatGPT is not going to kill SEO (regular). While its use has brought about positive changes in the SEO landscape as a value addition, it is not set to eliminate SEO as of now or in the near future, based on trends observed.

Instead, it is reshaping the way content is created and optimized for search engines, especially using prompts.

SEO professionals are adapting their strategies to leverage the capabilities of AI while ensuring that their content remains relevant and valuable to users.

Therefore, rather than killing SEO, ChatGPT is prompting an evolution in SEO practices.

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