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Data Usage in Marketing and Advertising – 15 Key Stats And Facts!

Data Usage in Marketing and Advertising – 15 Key Stats And Facts!

Marketing and advertising is all about reaching target audiences in a meaningful and relatable way, standing out from the crowd, and producing innovative and unique messages that customers will not only receive, but preferably convert into purchases.

1. Value of the global marketing related data market: 52bn USD

2. Spending on marketing data in the US: 30.6bn USD

3. Identity solutions spending in the US: 4.8bn USD

4. Spending on data management, processing and

integration in the US: 5.5bn USD

5. Spending on behavioural customer data

in the US: 3.4bn USD

6. Most used solution for data sharing in the US:

Clean room. secure room

7. Top benefit of using location data in marketing in the US:

Improved engagement and receptiveness

8. Leading channel where location data is used by

US marketers: Mobile

9. Share of US consumers who view targeted ads as convenient way of recommending products: 27%

10. Share of adults in the US very concerned about

data collection and use: 15.1%

11. All in all, sharing personal information with companies is mostly warranted by the level of trust in a given company, certainity that their data is protected and how the data is being used.

12. Close to 40 percent of marketing professionals have been using data analytics in their marketing decision-making process.

13. Marketers in the U.S. spend most of their money on demographic, transactional and behavioral types of third-party audience data.

14. Least likely reason why US mobile users would share their data with companies: To receive relevant ads

15. Platform on which US consumers distrust shopping recommendations most: VR or AR headsets.

Source: Statista [Published by A.Guttmann, Apr 19, 2021]

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