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Did You Try This 1-Simple Hack To Get More YouTube Subscribers?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Did You Try This 1-Simple Hack To Get More YouTube Subscribers?:

Are you a YouTuber? or Are you struggling to get more subscribers to your already existing Channel? or Are you thinking to create and build a new YouTube Channel?

Tried all methods! still not working in spite of your hard efforts?

Don't worry, today I am showing you a 1 simple hack/trick that I learned from my Mentor Vaibhav Sisinty from one of the programs I am involved in and thought to share with you with the hope that would help you to get more subscribers.

In fact, I tried this practically and it worked! Of course, I am not a full-time YouTuber.

This hack/trick is stated to help you to get 30% more subscribers with consistent efforts by sharing your YouTube Channel links on your social media platforms, which was personally tried by my Mentor.

All you need to do is, find your channel link & add /?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the URL.


This is my YouTube Channel Link (just tried even though I am not a YouTuber):

This is what you see when you click on the above second link (screenshot):

When people see this popup after clicking the link, then likely, there are more chances to click on subscribe button and move on to watch your videos.

You can try this out for your channel while promoting on your social media and see the subscribers base increasing!

All the best....

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