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Does Blogspot still exist? - [Know the Next]

Does Blogspot still exist - [Google Blogger]
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Does Blogspot still exist?:

Yes, Blogspot still exists. But based on my research on the latest reviews, it is actually not so popular among bloggers who are just starting out.

In fact, it is not even advised for new businesses and professional bloggers, who want to make a career out of it.

Before other competitors began to dominate the blogging industry, few past studies show that it was highly popular from 2005 to 2013.

It is also worth mentioning that "Blogspot" is often used interchangeably with "Blogger" since Blogger is the actual name of the platform owned by Google, in fact, acquired by Google almost two decades back [2003].

"Blogspot" specifically refers to the default subdomain structure used by Blogger.

Blogspot, also popularly known as Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google, which makes it reliable and secure.

While there are many other blogging platforms available today [like WordPress, Wix, Medium, Squarespace, and Tumblr], Blogspot still holds its own due to its simplicity and ease of use.

It offers a straightforward interface that allows bloggers to publish their content quickly and easily.

One of the biggest advantages of Blogspot is its integration with Google products such as Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and other Google Webmaster Tools.

This makes it easy for bloggers to track their website traffic [with simple analytics], monetize their blogs, and improve their search engine rankings.

Additionally, Blogspot allows users to customize their blogs with a variety of templates and themes.

This allows bloggers to create a unique look and feel for their blog that reflects their personality or brand.

However, based on recent reviews, it is of the strong opinion that it may not be as flexible as other platforms in terms of customization and control.

While there are some templates available, bloggers may find it difficult to make significant changes to the design without knowledge of coding or some technology background.

In summary, Blogspot still exists, but it can also be a viable option for bloggers, particularly those who are new to blogging or seeking a straightforward and dependable platform to gain hands-on experience, though not highly recommended for businesses and professional bloggers.

Its integration with other Google products is a plus factor, and its easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to people with little to no technical experience.

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