Earn Money Through Online Ayurvedic Store Affiliate Network Opportunity - Nirogam

For affiliate marketers, here is an opportunity to be part of the Nirogam, an online Ayurvedic Store "where you grow when your network grows" and was founded by Mr.Puneet Aggarwal. His passion & diligence over the years has successfully made Nirogam one of the best Ayurvedic brands today. What had started as his small effort has now turned into a sea change, plying Ayurveda as a superior form of medicine. He aspires to reach more beneficiaries through Nirogam and lay the foundation for an ailment-free world.
Ayurvedic is becoming popularity after global pandemic. The necessity of use of its products is increasing gradually which can be witnessed in several platforms.
Here is an earning opportunity.
Level 1 Commissions: 20%
Level 2: Commissions: 10%
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