How To Create & Build Landing Page For Sales/Conversions?

Hello there, as an online marketer or a business owner, you are aware of the role of the landing page in a marketing strategy.

However, it has been reported or heard several times that the landing page does not perform for the majority of them in terms of generating sales/conversions as expected.

But don't worry; here are the features to consider incorporating in landing pages that have been proven or stated to generate sales/conversions as mentioned by many pro-marketers including my personal reviews, in online marketing strategies, and I would recommend that you explore including these to the greatest extent possible to reap the desired results:

  1. For maximum appeal, a well-designed landing page is required. You can seek freelancers assistance to do the job for you.

  2. Use customer testimonials, customer positive reviews, feedback images, videos, and any other social proof to entice prospects/audience to learn more about your product or service.

  3. Focus on the problems that your product or service can address or solve for your audience/prospects, including triggering difficulties that they are now experiencing and explaining how it might affect them if they don't take any action. This is a critical point to remember. Simply said, demonstrate the evolution of your product and the transformation it can create in audience's/prospect's life (before and after scenarios will work a lot to influence on them).

  4. To catch people's attention, use those photographs or videos of people that express agony or who are suffering from pain. As people follow the product/service, this prompts them to reconnect with their lives.

  5. Mention bonuses that may be available to them after the purchase. You need to show them that, your product value or price should be 1/10th of the overall bonuses value). This makes them think or explore ways for purchasing.

  6. Use timers on the landing page to create urgency. Also inform them that the price of the current product/service may rise at any time in the future.

  7. To establish a risk-free environment in the minds of the prospects/audience, use guarantee claims like 30 days refund, 60 days refund, or 100 percent alike features.

  8. Integrate chat tools to connect and communicate with customers in order to make a quick decision.

  9. Depending on the length of the landing page, use CTA (call to action) buttons a few times. The more they see, the more inclined they are to click and continue.

  10. Use comparison charts/tables to show how your product or service differs from the competition by focusing on saving money, time, effort, or monthly billing savings, among other things. The audience enjoys it when benefits such as saving money, time, and effort are included in the product/service to alleviate existing pain.

  11. Make the landing page secure by using a registered domain and use icons like secured buttons to make prospects/audiences feel safe if they proceed to make a purchase by entering their credit card and alike information.

  12. If the products or services are in limited supply, the numbers might be used to indicate how many are remaining. This instills a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) in the decision-maker.

  13. If you have the funds/budget, hire copywriters that specialize in creating content/material that motivates people to take action (persuasive writing).

  14. A/B test your landing pages by moving content around, changing graphics, and updating testimonials to see which sort of landing page is converting the best. Multiple backend tests are used to determine which landing page is the most effective in terms of sales and conversions.

  15. Make sure there are no distractions on the landing page other than the present product/service in issue. To increase sales/conversions, you should focus on one landing page and one product/service.

  16. Use an exit pop-up form to capture the audience's attention if they try to close the landing page or moving away from the landing page and offer them an instant discount on the product/service right away.

  17. Install pixel code and retarget using paid Ads to reach engaged audiences or reconnect with missed audiences.

  18. You might also look into using Feedback Icons to increase sales, which is a relatively new concept being tested by professional marketers and business owners.

  19. Use upsells or downsells at the Thank You page when the buyer makes a purchase, showing them advanced products/features or something similar to what customers like them already looked into to help them grab the add-ons.

That's all I have for now; I hope these pointers help you create a landing page that gets you the results you're looking for.

All the best...

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