How To Earn Passive Income With MUSIC LICENSING?

This is the course that will get you started licensing and selling your music for more money than you ever have before. Imagine selling your music for $10, $50, or $100+ per track. And doing it while sleeping. That’s a pretty cool feeling… So, here’s how this course works. In this course you’ll:

  • Know how the licensing business works – so you’re not going in blind.

  • How to find places to sell your music to – so you know where to get paid.

  • How to find out the kind of music that is selling – so you are making the kind of music that gets sold.

  • The most important thing about selling your music. HINT: It’s not the music.

  • And much more…

Everything learned in the past few years regarding the music licensing business is going in this short course. So, you’re probably wondering…

How much is it?


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