How To Get 'Increasing FREE LEADS' For Your Computer Repair Business?

Hi there, you may be experiencing financial difficulties and finding it difficult to create fresh leads/inquiries for your computer repair business.

Ads may work for your business to generate more leads, but you don't have enough money to spend on them, right? In these difficult times, you'll want to maintain as much of your reserve as possible to sail enough.

In reality, in the post-pandemic era, when working from home has already become the new normal, the use of laptops/computers has skyrocketed to suit a variety of work-related and personal needs.

As a result, usage hours have climbed above pre-covid levels, and there are many opportunities for you as a computer repair service owner to address such concerns if arise as repair work.

However, you have a feeling that the current orders/inquiries/leads will not assist you in navigating difficult situations or sailing easily due to your responsibilities and family demands.

To assist you in overcoming the aforementioned obstacles, you might explore to consider the following simple strategies/tricks/tips (without spending any huge money!!) for growing leads for your local computer repair business:

  1. Make use of your social media handle as a free platform for promotion. Use good feedback/testimonials from customers to gain attention in the social media community. In the views of the social media audience, this also establishes your authority.

  2. Make use of your Whatsapp status area to promote your business. This will be noticed by those in your network. Encourage your spouse and family members to do the same. As people see more of you, responses and inquiries to contact you may increase.

  3. As a company billboard, use your social media profile cover pages. Make it clear to the audience what you can offer them so that they can connect with you when they visit your profile.

  4. In the bio profile box of all social media networks, include a link to your company's website wherever available. I recommend using at least two platforms that are popular in your community, region, or country.

  5. Write a free value-based article/blog based on your experience that assists audiences/readers in extending the life of their computer, give tricks/tips/guidelines, and include your credentials and contact information in the article, then distribute the link to your network. If you provide very good material and the audience enjoys it, there's a chance it'll go viral after it's shared. They begin to form relationships with you once they have gained your trust.

  6. Place a display board about your business in and around your residence. Let your immediate neighborhood know who are you and what you do so that, at least they might start engaging with you based on your business expertise.

  7. Attach a small display board/sticker to your car or two-wheeler. Allow it to speak for you as you go or move!. People start noticing this and might get connected with you.

  8. Make a list of all the people in your very close circle who like you and interact with you on a regular basis. Request them that they post your business card/sticker/display board with your phone number at the entrance to their home gates. This allows their local network or others who are moving around their residence to become aware of you and connect with you in the future.

  9. Drop your business cards in exhibitions that are focused on networks or events.

  10. Think about the referral/channel partner model, in which you can pay the referrer a small commission for bringing you orders.

  11. In a month, give away one free business (decide based on your orders). Allow them to talk about you and share more information about you in their community/social network/professional network. This raises your possibilities of generating leads for your business. Your personal/business branding also strengthens.

I hope you'll use your own imagination to figure out how to use the above or come up with your own ways to get the increasing leads you always desired/want while working around the above-mentioned strategies/tips/tricks.

The main goal here is to assist you in obtaining maximum benefits without spending a lot of money, resulting in a win-win situation that you can be successful in your business.

I wish you all the best.....

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If you think this blog post will benefit you or others in your network/community, please share it, so that those in need can benefit from your tiny efforts!

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