How To Increase Your App Install By Around 25%?

Hi there,

If you’re launching an app or already launched an app and yet if you are struggling or getting irritated on why your app downloads are not happening to your expectations, then you need to understand that, you’re not only competing with just ten or a hundreds of competitors, but, you’re competing in a space that features at least thousands and thousands of apps similar to yours.

But don't worry...

Today, I am going to share with you a trick/hack that might help you to get your App Installs/Downloads by around 25%! 😉.

To put it simple:

Just do a few changes to the first 2 images in your app and hopefully, you might see around 25% increase in your app install/downloads conversion rates.

Here are some useful tricks/hacks to help you do just that:

  • Instead of regular screenshots which are added like more of lifestyle images – add how a human interacts with the app.

  • Add CTA (Call To Action Button) right on the image (as a screenshot caption)

  • Turn the first 2 separate images into a big one (like a panoramic view/gallery)

  • Add branded elements if required.

There you go, that’s it.

I hope this might help you and give it a shot to try this hack!

All the best....

P.S: Source of info: From my mentor Mr.Vaibhav.

Btw, I forgot to say this, if you have a website/blog/store, then you shouldn't miss this!

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