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How To Make Money Online - 'Selling Ready Made Chatbots'?

Have You Heard Of “Done-For-You” Bots That Could Sell For $500+ Each!

"Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, has built a 10 Year Plan around them"

OK, but how can you make money from Chatbots?

Well most businesses can’t afford to develop their own Chatbots.

It’s highly sophisticated technology and it can costs tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to Develop.

So they’re looking for a ready-made solution..

Allow me to introduce this platform - the Internet’s #1 Chatbot for Business Website Owners.

It comes with a simple drag-and drop builder allowing even a complete newbie to build a Chatbot.

WITHOUT any technical knowledge or special skills.

It also comes with a range of “Done-For-You” Bots which are designed to get more leads and more sales.

Now this is where you come in..

THIS comes with a FULL Commercial License allowing you to sell Bots to hungry businesses.

Their highly experienced team will show you exactly where there’s HOT demand for Chatbots.

You can sell their Done-For-You Bots directly to businesses.

It’s very common to sell them for $200 to $500 each! Sometimes even more!

They’ll also give you “pitch templates” you can copy and paste.

These will do the selling for you.

They pitch the benefits of Chatbots as an idea to the business you’re selling them to.

So you DON’T need:

- any special skills or experience

- to build your own Bots

- any selling skills

Watch this short presentation to find out more >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

BY THE WAY, Chatbots are here to stay.

Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, has built a 10 Year Plan around them.

This is a HOT business opportunity with serious LONG-TERM potential.

Get in and ahead of the competition before it’s too late!!!

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