How To Tackle "What The Hell Could I Sell" Issue?

Updated: May 23

How To Tackle "What The Hell Could I Sell" Issue?

How To Get Started Solving The "What The Hell Could I Sell" Issue?

Even if you have no clue what you could create or who you could sell it to right now... One of the most common questions or issues that we hear when people are looking at creating something to sell online is "What could I sell?" or "Why would anyone buy from me, I am not an expert?"...

Many people (maybe even you) have no clue how valuable the knowledge that they have is and get overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to thinking about what they could create. Sadly they then quit or think that they have nothing valuable to offer which is definitely not the case.

This was created live when a group of people who were undergoing training and talked about how overwhelming it was to know where to start when it came to deciding their niche and knowing what they could offer for sale.

They did the research with a variety of tools on some of the hottest topics that receive consistent growth (some you may even think are too niche but have a cult following even though small). It is often these niches that see the most explosive growth as they are the ones that have less competition.

What was created after over 50 hours of research was this eBook with 500 different topics and niche ideas to help people get started. You can explore to Download this eBook and discover a variety of different niches and topics that found for you so that, you could create products around (some you most likely may never even have thought of!!).

Remember you don't have to know EVERYTHING about a topic or niche that you are looking to go into. You are often sometimes just a few steps ahead of the person who buys and that actually works in your favor.

Someone who had that problem not long ago can remember the pain of wanting to solve it and the steps they used a lot easier than someone who is a couple of years into a journey sometimes.

Remembering the pain or need that you had makes it easy to be relatable to people and passionate about what you will create...

Despite what many 'gurus' will say, not every income stream that we create needs to be a huge big course or all about our life purpose.

Something as simple as teaching an older person how to use Microsoft Word, can bring in a couple of thousand every month with the right marketing skills.

There is no reason for you to stay stuck wondering what you could create anymore. Let's get your brain ticking so that it can create you a list of different things that you can pull from any time that you need to turn on the income streams tap.

Now, it's your time to begin to see how many different areas you actually never knew you could have those sellable skills in...!!

All the best...

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