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Influencer Marketing Statistics [2024 Updated]

Updated: Apr 4

influencer marketing statistics 2024 - [statistics about influencer marketing] - [influencer marketing facts] - [influencer statistics]
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Influencer Marketing Statistics:

This blog post is all about influencer marketing statistics that have been collectively shared here. It also includes related facts, quotes, and expert opinions that I think are quite important.

In fact, I have personally come across these while reading email newsletters, case studies, market research papers, blogs, industry publications, and reports. When I feel they are relevant, I also utilize them in my blog posts.

Did you know? - “businesses pocketed $6.50 for every dollar thrown into influencer marketing” MarTech

Influencer Marketing Facts, and Statistics:

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“Niche influencers not only post authentic content but also enjoy trust-based relationships with their audiences—which is invaluable for your brand. Fully 49% of customers say they depend on influencers' recommendations to make a purchase” MarketingProfs

“While branded content focuses on brand identity and sales, influencer created content humanizes the brand, resonating with audiences on a social level” Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

“#1 highest ROI of any marketing channel are blogs, social media shopping tools, and influencer marketing” HubSpot’s 2023 State of Marketing Report

“Influencer Marketing is expected to reach $22.2 Billion by 2025” – 2023 Social Trends Report by PLANOLY

“In 2023, 78% of B2C organizations will use influencer marketing” - State of Social 2023 Report [EMEA Edition] by Meltwater

“Companies spend 17% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing” – THE AMERICAN REPORTER

“58% of our survey's marketers listed YouTube as a platform they leverage when working with creators and influencers. 20% of marketers said YouTube yields the highest ROI when working with influencers” HubSpot

“The market is on track to rise from $16.4 billion in 2022 to $21 billion in 2023, and advertisers are spending less in traditional media and more on influencers because young consumers tend to trust influencers over brands and social media over national news outletsVox

“"Freemium" tools, such Klear, and free tools, such as Followerwonk, are options when looking for influencers relevant to your brand” MarketingProfs

“61% of marketers listed TikTok among the social media platforms on which they work with influencers and creators” HubSpot

“The 2023 influencer marketing industry was valued at $21.1 billion, a 29% annual increase from its previous valuation of $16.4 billion in 2022” MarketingProfs

“The influencer marketing industry has continued to increase its market size and revenue. According to Oberlo, the whole industry is worth a whopping 16.4 billion dollars” - SiteProNews

influencers and brands relationships
Source - Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

Our research shows that 30% of very successful marketers and 31% of successful marketers use influencer marketing to promote their content” Semrush

“According to our survey, 72% of marketers listed Instagram among the social media platforms on which they work with influencers and creators” HubSpot

“90% of respondents said that they would prefer to see brands share content from actual customers, while 86% said that they’d be more likely to trust a brand that publishes user-generated content, as opposed to influencers” Social Media Today [on Entribe’s Study].

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80% of influencer marketers work with creators/influencers with under 100K followers while only 16% work with celebrities who have over a million followers, according to our 2023 Social Media Marketing Report” – HubSpot

“77% of brand marketers report the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns exceeds that of other marketing tactics” – afluencer Influencer Marketing 101 Report

“For best results, it’s a good idea to meet with your micro-influencers regularly and keep communication lines clear. That way, you can reiterate key messaging, and review goals to see if they’re on track. It’s also a good time to check on whether they’re delivering the kind of sales leads you expect” Sideqik

“According to Business Wire, 61% of consumers find relatable personalities the most appealing when choosing to follow an influencer or creator on social media” HubSpot

“What people once referred to as influencer marketing has really evolved into the creator economy. Essentially, many brands are partnering with online creators who produce short and long-form content that bring subscribers to their platform” Search Engine Journal

“Influencer marketing should be a relationship-building experience, not a campaign. Stop random acts of influencer marketing!” Convince & Convert Report

“Influencer marketing has been an effective way to reach engaged audiences for several years and now, marketers are seeing more value in niche micro-influencers and creators for targeted campaigns” - 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Brandwatch

“While big brands are tightening their budgets, we are going to see small businesses take over the social media influencer marketing space. Not only with their content, but with their brand-creator collaborations” – 2023 Social Trends Report by PLANOLY

“With declining organic reach and increasing ad costs, marketers and business owners are turning to influencer marketing for ROI” – upfluence

“57% of marketers listed Facebook as their platform of choice when working with creators and influencers” HubSpot

“It’s so important to get your legal team involved up front and keep in mind that it is the brand that is typically responsible for any influencer marketing missteps, much more so than the influencer” – Convince & Convert Report

“Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are top of the list when it comes to social media platforms. But, if your small business is not yet well known on these outlets, consider collaborating with well-established influencers in your niche” HubSpot

the influence of influencers - [influencer marketing statista] - [statistics on influencer marketing]

“Compared to celebrities, working with small influencers and creators is less expensive, leads to long-term partnerships, and offers access to tightknit, engaged, and loyal communities” - 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Brandwatch

“And as more consumers make their first in-app purchases in 2023, building trust through social proof, influencer marketing, social customer service, and multi-channel purchase options will be even more crucial” - 2023 Marketing Guide Report by Meltwater

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“Nearly four in ten brands in the United States say that they would actually spend more on influencer marketing if they could just make sure they knew that it worked” – Convince & Convert Report

“Among the trends predicted, influencer marketing will continue its rapid growth, and organizations will invest further in encouraging their employees to take part in social selling, driving employee advocacy” - State of Social 2023 Report [EMEA Edition] by Meltwater

“If you’re clear on your expectations, and your influencers feel like they can voice concerns or run creative changes by you when inspiration strikes, then you’re on the right track. You’ve given the relationship what it needs to grow into a lucrative opportunity for both sides” – Sideqik

“In B2B, we’re not trying to influence one person. There are multiple people involved in any buying decision. The great demand for content to support the B2B purchasing decision really does make it more important for B2B companies to invest in influencer marketing” – Convince & Convert Report

“Interestingly enough, companies saw the most success with macro- and micro influencers” HubSpot’s 2023 State of Marketing Report

“Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, plan to work with at least five influencers for your first campaign. This will give you a better understanding of how and where your messaging and targeting work best” Semrush

“Using social media to spread the word about your product or service is a powerful way to reach your target audience, and it’s even more effective due to the nature of influencers” – Sideqik Email

“When deciding which influencers to partner with, brand marketers want to see high-quality content, aligned audiences, and similar values to their organizations” - 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report by HubSpot and Brandwatch

“Organic influencers are valuable because they represent one of the purest forms of earned media. These individuals are likely your most loyal customers and are sometimes referred to as customer influencers or brand advocates” - impact

“Fundamentally, we trust people more than ever and we trust companies less than ever. Influencers are trusted and persuasive” - Convince & Convert Report

“Networking + Relationships [Influencers] + Collaboration

= Mentions + Links + Authority = Ranking potential”

An estimated $6.16 billion is expected to be spent on influencer marketing in 2023” MarketingProfs

“Collaborating with influencers who align with your brand values and target audience can amplify your message and extend your reach to new demographics” Semrush

“People trust people more than brands, and partnering with the right influencer in your specific niche or vertical can lend your brand some powerful validation and grow awareness with high-value audiences” - 2023 State of B2B Digital Marketing Report by Wpromote

“After Instagram, YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing. Compared to traditional celebrity partnerships, collaborations with social media content creators have been 4x more effective” Semrush

“Influencers wield substantial influence over their audiences, and a staggering 92% of marketers have reported that influencer marketing has boosted their affiliate sales” DailyZoo Newsletter

“Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. It has a fantastic ROI and can be fairly simple to get started. The key is selecting the right influencers for your brand” Sideqik

“According to a recent influencer marketing article, micro-influencers have the best engagement rates even if their number of followers is smaller. Keep that in mind when you judge value based on followers” – impact

“Bloggers who collaborate with influencers more often are more likely to report success” Orbit Media Studios [Bloggers Survey 2023]

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“Instead of relying on big influencers for promotion, brands can establish a genuine and long-lasting social media presence by fostering a sense of belonging among their followers. The future looks bright for those who prioritize connection and community” – Semrush Social Media 2024 Trends Report

“Brands can work with nano-influencers and micro-influencers by reaching out to them directly or through influencer marketing platforms (AspireIQ, Upfluence, and Heepsy)” Social Media Trends 2024 Report by ICUC Social

“Our Q3 2023 Pulse Survey revealed 81% of US-based social marketers consider influencer marketing an essential part of their social media strategy” Sprout Social

89% of marketers using influencer marketing say its ROI is comparable to or better than other marketing channels” CoSchedule

“The meteoric rise of influencer marketing is undeniable, with global brand investments expected to soar between a staggering U.S. $25 billion to $35 billion” Mumbrella

“Micro influencer marketing is not a fad; it’s a strategic move towards real community connection and engagement. By embracing these niche powerhouses, brands can unlock a world of targeted reach, authentic relationships and measurable results” Techratis

“53% of marketing teams that identified their marketing as “effective” invested in influencer marketing in 2023, versus only 25% of marketers who identified their marketing as “ineffective.”” - HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report

“People now trust Influencer more than advertisements on television that have large production value” Instamojo Report on Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Beginners

“Latest studies show that 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing as part of their digital strategy” Creatopy

“According to Statista, influencer marketing has already grown to a robust $6 billion a year, representing a staggering 3x growth rate over the past four years alone” Forbes

“The latest HypeAuditor 2024 State of Influencer Report highlights major global influencer trends across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The report projects that global expenditure on Instagram influencer marketing will peak at an astounding USD $22 billion by 2025” ChannelLife New Zealand

Keep checking back for updated statistics about influencer marketing in the future.

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