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Is Marketing Dying? - [Know the next moves]

Updated: May 26, 2023

Is Marketing Dying - [will marketing die]
Photo by Los Muertos Crew [Pexels]

Is Marketing Dying?:

No, marketing is not dying. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Marketing has never been more important or relevant than it is today. Here's why:

First, the rise of the internet has made marketing more accessible and effective than ever before.

With the ability to target specific audiences and track results in real time, digital marketing has opened up new avenues for businesses to reach their customers.

Trends marketers leveraging in marketing strategy:

Second, the increase in social media use has given marketers even more opportunities to connect with their audiences.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram allow businesses to engage with customers on a more personal level, building relationships that can translate into sales.

“Social media has become one of the most important (and most popular) marketing channels for companies across industries. It’s relatively low-cost and it has near-infinite reach” – HubSpot’s 2023 State of Marketing Report

Time spent using Social Media Apps:

Third, the growth of mobile devices has created a new frontier for marketing. With more people using smartphones to access the internet, mobile marketing has become an essential part of any marketing strategy.

“As per the Digital 2023 Global Overview Report by Meltwater and We Are Social, the share of web traffic by devices is as follows: mobile phones (59%), laptops and desktop computers (38.99%), and tablets (1.98%)”

Last but not least, advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible to create highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

This means that businesses can now tailor their messaging to specific individuals based on their interests, behaviors, and preferences.

Most Popular AI Use Cases in Marketing:

So, while some may argue that traditional forms of marketing such as TV ads and print ads are becoming less effective, the truth is that marketing as a whole is evolving and adapting to new technologies and channels [like podcasts].

As long as businesses continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, marketing will continue to play a vital role in the success of any company and for the economy. To put it another way, marketing will not die.

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