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Marketing in the United States (US) – Latest Interesting 21 Key Stats And Facts

Marketing in the United States (US) – Latest Interesting 21 Key Stats And Facts
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Marketing in the United States (US) – Latest Interesting 21 Key Stats And Facts

While some believe marketing is no more than incessant promotions aimed at increasing sales, it is in fact the study of consumer behavior and needs in order to adapt products and services to their requirements.

1. Marketing services spending in the U.S:

250.6bn USD

2. Growth of marketing spending in the U.S:


3. Share of company’s revenue spent on marketing in the U.S:


4. Top marketing priority in the U.S:

Martech, data and analytics

5. Spending on marketing data in the U.S:

30.6m USD

6. Most used marketing tool in the U.S:


7. Share of U.S marketers planning to deploy AR and VR:


8. Share of media budgets devoted to digital marketing in the U.S: 71%

9. Share of mobile marketing in budgets as per U.S CMOs:


10. Leading digital marketing investments in the U.S:

Company website optimization

11. Leading challenge of digital marketing in the U.S:

Proper targeting

12. Marketing data and analytics, as well as customer experience, personalization, and loyalty, are the leading priorities of U.S. CMOs nowadays.

13. Long-term estimates foresee a bright future for the promotional-related professions in the United States, forecasting growth in employment for advertising, promotions, and marketing between 2020 and 2030 to be higher than the average for all occupations.

14. At least when it comes to gender equality, the marketing sector in the U.S has observed a growing number of women present within the CMO ranks.

15. Sales promotion and telemarketing are believed to account for the majority of expenditures.

16. Consumer packaged goods, retail, and education are the top three industries that devote the largest shares of their budgets towards marketing.

17. CMOs continue to invest in website optimization, media and search, direct digital marketing, and data analytics, to name just a few.

18. In a survey conducted in February 2021, responding marketers in the United States indicated that 14.9 percent of their marketing budget was devoted to social media marketing.

19. During a 2021 survey carried out among marketers from the United States, 30 percent of respondents stated that text-based stories were a valuable type of content for social media marketing.

20. In 2021, approximately 3.7 billion U.S. dollars were forecasted to be spent on influencer marketing in the United States.

21. During a 2021 survey carried out among professionals from various industries in the United States, 27 percent of respondents stated that their organizations actively measured return-on-investment (ROI) of the content they produced; 42 percent said their organizations did not measure that ROI.

Source: Statista [Published by A.Guttmann, Feb 8, 2022/Statista Research Department]

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