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Marketing Worldwide – Latest Amazing 21 Key Stats And Facts.

Marketing Worldwide – Latest Amazing

21 Key Stats And Facts

What are the similarities and differences between multibillion-dollar corporations and small businesses? Marketing efforts are used by businesses on both sides of the spectrum to advertise their products and services.

Even the most well-known firms use marketing as a strategy to stay relevant in today's competitive marketplace, and marketing campaigns must evolve to keep up with changing consumer tastes and preferences.

1. Share of companies budgets devoted to marketing worldwide: 6.4%

2. Most invested in marketing segment worldwide: Marketing technology

3. Most invested in marketing channel worldwide: Social marketing

4. Value of M&A transactions in the tech, digital media, and marketing sectors worldwide: 87bn USD

5. Leading metric tracked by marketing professionals worldwide: Revenue

6. Leading trend marketers plan to leverage: Short-form video content

7. Share of marketers with a documented content marketing platform: 40%

8. Most effective digital marketing technique: Content marketing and marketing automation

9. Leading digital consumer engagement tactic: Pre-produced video

10. Mobile marketing market size worldwide: 13bn USD

11. Size of the marketing related data market worldwide: 52.26bn USD

12. Leading social media platform used by marketers: Facebook

13. Main benefit of social media marketing: Increased exposure

14. Influencer marketing market size worldwide: 13.8bn USD

15. E-mail marketing revenue worldwide: 8.49bn USD

16. The share of companies’ revenues devoted to marketing fell from 11 percent to 6.4 percent between 2020 and 2021, with many marketers still affected by budgets cuts and other uncertainties today.

17. A recent survey on the changes in media spending found that over 50 percent of marketing executives were planning to increase investments in digital media such as online search and podcasts in 2022, compared to just 20 percent who said the same for TV, cinema, radio, or print.

18. The top trends that B2B and B2C marketers plan to leverage in the future are short-form video content and social responsibility.

19. Split by individual channel, social marketing, digital advertising, and SEO were said to receive the largest slices of the investment pie.

20. Marketers are constantly adapting to the changes in consumer behavior, and seeing that consumers spend more time online via smartphone, it comes as no surprise that the mobile marketing market size is also set to quadruple between 2020 and 2030.

21. Digital marketing has become an indispensable tool in marketers’ toolboxes and the new status quo for agencies around the world.

Source: Statista [Published by A.Guttmann, Feb 4, 2022]

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