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Mobile Advertising and Marketing (United States)

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Mobile Advertising and Marketing (United States) – Latest Interesting 20 Key Stats And Facts:

As mobile has overtaken the desktop as the primary means of internet access in many parts of the world and the number of smartphone users keeps growing every day, it is no surprise that companies are vividly embracing this mobile revolution for marketing purposes.

1. Mobile Ad spend worldwide:

288.1bn USD

2. Mobile Ad spend in the U.S:

120bn USD

3. Share of Mobile in Digital Ad spend in the U.S:


4. Mobile social media advertising spending in the U.S:

48bn USD

5. Mobile search advertising spending in the U.S:

43.65bn USD

6. Mobile video advertising spending in the U.S:

28.5bn USD

7. Mobile ad type expected to see the highest growth in spending in the U.S:


8. Share of marketing budgets devoted to mobile marketing in the U.S:


9. Use of personalization in mobile app marketing in the U.S:


10. Industry with the highest mobile ad spend in the U.S:


11. Industry with the highest mobile share in digital ad spend in the U.S:


12. Number of mobile internet users in the U.S:


13. Daily time spent on mobile in-app among U.S internet users:

221 min

14. Mobile app with the highest audience reach in the U.S:


15. Most noticeable mobile app advertising format according to U.S mobile users:

Video ads

16. Mobile ad-block usage rate in the U.S:


17. In 2020, the global mobile marketing market size was estimated at around 11 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2030, this figure is expected to surpass 55 billion.

18. Two industries that are already placing their bets on mobile are entertainment and telecommunications, with more than 75 percent of their digital ad budgets flowing toward mobile.

19. In 2021, spending on mobile social media ad campaigns stood at over 48 billion U.S. dollars, and with more monetizable platforms popping up each year, this figure is set to surpass 71 billion by 2025.

20. With over 50 percent of surveyed U.S. industry experts planning to boost mobile ad investments in podcasts in the future.

Source: Statista Research Department [Jan 10, 2022]

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