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NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – Latest Interesting 17 Key Stats and Facts!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – Latest Interesting 17 Key Stats and Facts!

NFT is a digital certificate (a “token”) that recognizes one as the owner of a digital file that has no equal to it (it is “non-fungible”). These certificates are created (“minted”) and sold on blockchain - the same technology behind cryptocurrencies.

[by Martin Armstrong, Mar 11, 2022]

1. NFT sector with highest value of sales: Collectibles

2. NFT sector with highest number of sales: Games

3. Year-on-year growth of market cap: 138.7%

4. Protocol revenue of specialized NFT marketplace OpenSea:

80.8m USD

5. Sales volume on NFT crypto art platform Nifty Gateway:

8.95m USD

6. Market size of DEXs or Decentralized Exchanges – where one can trade both Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: 24.95 bn USD

7. Biggest DEX in the world, based on trading volume: Uniswap

8. Blockchain with highest market share in DeFi: Ethereum

9. Estimated energy consumption of Ethereum (ETH) worldwide:

106.12 Twh per year

10. Estimated energy consumption of Bitcoin (BTC, BTH) worldwide: 177.43 Twh per year

11. Forecast of hyperscale data centers energy demand worldwide:

86.58 Twh per year

12. NFT trading activity more than doubled between July and August 2021, according to the number of unique wallets that either bought or sold an NFT. By August 2021, there were roughly 280,000 unique buyers or sellers - the source does not distinguish between the two - after a growth of 185,000 unique wallets.

13. August 2021 the third moment of sudden growth in the nascent NFT market, after December 2017 and March 2021.

14. The player count of NFT metaverse Alien Worlds was as high as that of blockchain games Splinterlands and Galaxy Blocks combined.

15. NFT marketplace OpenSea had an all-time trading volume in 2021 that was three times higher than online game Axie Infinity.

16. CryptoPunks and Solanart are platform that specialize in crypto art - NFTs with unique pictures or artwork.

17. From the big name brands in the United States that announced NFT plans, the ones that attracted the most interest in early 2021 were related to fashion.

Source: Statista (Published by Raynor de Best, Apr, 1, 2022/Statista Research Department)

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