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Passive Income Opportunity by EarnKaro [Backed by Mr.Ratan Tata] - Ideal for housewives!!

Dear Readers of Indian Social Group/Social Media Community,

Day by day, Digital Medium is reaching across almost all the business industry as there is a need to survival by the businesses and especially due to Corona Pandemic influence, there is a larger competition among the market segments to bounce back from the suffered losses during the various phases of lockdown period.

In this regard, many business/E-Commerce platforms are thinking of how to reach customers when there is a situation, when there are still restrictions to ensure not to get affected by the pandemic problem.

In this scenario, there is an E.Commerce platform namely EarnKaro has come up an another unique platform where in, it provides a Passive Income Earning Opportunity at least by 10000/-25000/- monthly. It is suitable for those planning to Work From Home Business type in which even Students/Housewife or any others those who want to take this benefit, can enroll and start working. This is also suitable for Affiliate Marketers. 


1. Internet Connection.

2. Mobile/Laptop

3.Social Media Website (Facebook/Instagram)

4.Those using instant message platforms like Telegram/Whatsapp.

5. More than 18 years old.

Earning Opportunity for Life Time! Yes you read it right.

1. Invite Friends

2. Get 10% of the Profit your friends make forever!.

3. Even you can get your money back (commission) when you shop for yourself when Amazon like don't allow you to so. 

You can invite through Facebook/Whatsapp/Telegram

Click links below for more info. 

As per the Facebook Community, the members are very few, there is a larger scope for anyone to bring new affiliates into your network and you can start earning. Your work and their work can get you decent income every month. 



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