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Pinterest-Latest Surprising 21 Key Stats And Facts!

Pinterest – Latest Surprising 21 Key Stats And Facts!

The social curation site enables users to discover and save images, or ‘pins’ with which ‘pinboards’ can be created.

1. Country with the most Pinterest users:

United States

2. Market cap of Pinterest:

50.3bn USD

3. Pinterest ARPU (average revenue per user) in Q4 2021:

1.93 USD

4. Pinterest MAU (monthly active users) worldwide in Q4 2021:


5. Number of Pinterest users in the United States:


6. Pinterest penetration in the United States:


7. Worldwide visits to Pinterest in June 2021:


8. Pinterest year-on-year audience growth as of January 2022:


9. Leading social media traffic referrer to Pinterest:


10. Pinterest Global Revenue in Q4 21:

846.66m USD

11. Pinterest annual revenue in 2021:

2.58bn USD

12. Pinterest annual ad spending in 2021:

94.7m USD

13. Pinterest Global net income in Q4 2021:

174.7m USD

14. Country with the most desktop traffic to Pinterest:

United States

15. Pinterest’s American Customer Satisfaction (ACSI) Score:


16. Social Media platform with highest ACSI score:


17. Pinterest market share of US social media visits:


18. Pinterest rank among US Gen Z users in 2021:

5th place

19. Popular themes on Pinterest include

recipes, DIY, fashion, and lifestyle.

20. When measuring by the amount of monthly active users, Pinterest ranked 14th in terms of the most popular social media network worldwide as of January 2022.

21. Pinterest finds its popularity amongst women between the ages of 25 to 34 years.

Source: Statista (Published on Apr 7, 2022)

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