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Quick Rich Schemes Are Dangerous!

Dear Readers,

In the pandemic scenario where almost everyone are affected by the personal finances either in terms of pay cuts or salary cuts or job losses or loss of pay, it's been emotionally unwell when such situations arise. So, obviously, many of think how to overcome this pay loss or what are the ways we need to look into in order to supplement our regular income or boost our income as because at the end of the day or month, it is inevitable all the commitments to be met for sustainability. This is aggressive in thinking behaviour when it comes to the common man especially middle class community and economically weaker sections where their income suffice their monthly needs without having much opportunities to look into savings.

So, in these pandemic situations, while browsing on internet, few might have come across several quick rich schemes in the form of invest and earn in multiples. When these Quick Rich Schemes flashes in front, then our Psychological behaviour changes from logical thinking mode to income generating mode because of factors of greed and thinking such cases doesn't arise in future in which those who promote them would use scarcity demanding headlines and words to make it attractive to anyone who want to enroll in that or subscribe in that because, all of them need money/income to sustain daily needs and commitments.

In such situations, I would point out certain factors as below which you can think upon before acting on such schemes as at the end of the day, majority of them or to be in general, these schemes get go away or vanish by collecting huge funds from the public.

  1. Check legal registration documents like PAN/TAN/Certificate of Incorporation from Department websites.

  2. Consult with your family and friends network.

  3. Browse regarding the agency details from website.

  4. Don't believe in directly from Testimonials.

  5. Take feedback/opinion from Social Media Platforms to know whether people have heard of such schemes in which you are looking into.

  6. Wait for minimum 6 months and just observe their business.

At the end of the day, it's your hard earned money in which you should productively utilize it than letting it go waste by greed nature and Stay Away.

Think, Think and Think before you act on such schemes based on the above points.

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