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Should you delete Old Blog Posts? - [Will it hurt SEO]

Updated: May 4

deleting old content SEO - [should I delete old blog posts]
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Should you delete Old Blog Posts? - [Will it hurt SEO]:

Is this what you think usually 'should I delete old blog posts'? Based on the majority of pro-SEO expert's views, deleting old blog posts will not hurt your blog's SEO.

However, there are instances where it may be beneficial to delete certain content from your blog post or blog, or website.

For example, if you have duplicate or low-quality content on your site or blog, it may be more beneficial to delete this content instead of continuing to use it.

Additionally, content that is no longer relevant to your readership may also be better off deleted.

When you delete content from your blog or website, search engines, or in general to say, Google will no longer have access to this content.

This means that the content will not be included in Google indexes and will not show up in search results.

Therefore, deleting content or old blog posts may be beneficial if the content is outdated or low-quality and isn't likely to improve or contribute to your overall SEO strategy.

At the same time, if you delete a blog post that has high-quality content and is already driving a good amount of organic traffic to your blog or website, then it can hurt your blog's SEO. You also need to gauge the backlinks to this post while evaluating your decision.

Update existing content:

Here are the results achieved after updating the content on their website and blog based on recent survey participant's responses:

Results after updating existing content:

Results achieved after updating existing content
Image Source - The State of Content Marketing 2023 Global Report by Semrush

You might also consider whether you can improve the overall quality of older blog posts to increase the likelihood that they will rank by adding the most recent fresh content or adapting them to the most recent trends before you make a decision on deleting old blog posts.

Update old posts with fresh insights for SEO:

updating old posts or articles with fresh insights - [deleting old content seo]
Image Source - HubSpot

Ultimately, it is best to delete old blog posts if there is no other option. This will not only improve your overall blog's SEO but also builds the credibility of your blog or website in the eyes of the readers or search engines.

Do you know, what matters the most? - Content Quality or Backlinks Quality

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