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[Stay Ahead] or [Grab The Best]

Updated: Mar 9

Grab the best deals
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Stay Ahead [or] Grab The Best

[P.S: Offers, benefits, and deals vary timely]

1. Marketing Tactics [Based on Science]

3-min marketing recommendations based on the latest

scientific research from top business schools.

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2. The Future [isn’t a mystery]

Want to receive the latest in business, entertainment, and internet culture right to your inbox every single morning?

Not just the stuff everyone else is covering - these are the stories that drive the future, all in a quick and witty package. That’s what TheFutureParty newsletter is all about.

With every email you open, every story you read, you’re going to have the jump on the rest of the crowd. Join over 100,000 driven creative professionals who read the newsletter every day.

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3. Productive businesses use [1Password] to secure employees at scale

1Password is the world’s most-loved password manager, with top ratings from G2Crowd and Trustpilot, and has been named the top password manager by leading media outlets including Wired, The New York Times, and CNET.

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4. Meet the Tesla [of Productivity Apps]

Many of the most impactful leaders know exactly what they need to accomplish before the day starts.

They use productivity apps like Sunsama to help them organize their weekly goals and smaller tasks to become the most productive version of themselves.

>> [Claim your 14-day free access]

5. Personal Finance Insights

Finny sends you free personal finance insights so you can make better money moves.

Twice a week, you'll get simple 5-minute breakdowns of top money trends, personal finance, and investing tips delivered right to your inbox - for free.


6. Scholarship

If you're a student in the US looking for a better way to pay for higher education, Bold provides thousands of students with $25k scholarships every year.

Enter to win one of our monthly $25,000 scholarship to go towards your tuition, student loan debt, or other education related expenses!

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7. Softr

Turn your Airtable or Google Sheets into the modern business tools you need. Softr lets you stop waiting for developers. Build software without devs.

Blazingly fast. Trusted by 100,000+ teams worldwide

>> [Start building now]

8. Bobcat In A Box

Surprise packages in the mail!

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[US only deal]


Experience America's most iconic regional foods on Goldbelly!

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10. Powerful ideas in 15 minutes

Join now and start up-leveling your small talk game. Get access to over 5,000 book titles alongside 20 million other readers.

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Subflow helps creators and business owners capture more leads, build connections, and monetize their audience using SMS.

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[US only deal]

12. Morning Brew

Get smarter in 5 minutes with Morning Brew (it's free). There's a reason over 4 million people start their day with Morning Brew - the daily email that delivers the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Business news doesn't have to be boring...make your mornings more enjoyable, for free.

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13. Start your morning with [The Newsette!]

Start your morning with The Newsette - a newsletter for women, written by women, about topics that are important to women.

They break down trending topics in news, fashion, and lifestyle to keep you up to date but not weighed down. It’s like getting the news from your BFF.

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14. Get Smarter [with Refind]

Every day we pick 5 articles that make you smarter, tailored to your interests. Refind is loved by 100,000+ curious minds.

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15. Connect to Clean Energy [in two mins]

Whether you rent or own your home, Arcadia can help you power it with 100% clean energy for just $5/month — no installations, long-term commitments, or changes to your current electricity provider.

When you enter your zip code and utility company, Arcadia can check if there is a community solar farm near you.

Connect to it for no extra cost and receive guaranteed monthly savings on your power bill. Sign up to become an Arcadia member today,

and get a welcome gift

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[US only deal]

16. News Without Motives

1440 is the daily newsletter helping 2M+ Americans stay informed—it’s news without motives, edited to be unbiased as humanly possible. The team at 1440 scours over 100+ sources so you don't have to.

Culture, science, sports, politics, business, and everything in between - in a five-minute read each morning, 100% free.

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17. Smartr Daily

The Essential Newsletter For Curious Minds. Sourcing the smartest articles on the Web - Thought provoking ideas and insights delivered straight to your inbox daily!

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18. The Event for Creators and Entrepreneurs

CEX- The Creator Economy Expo CEX 2023 is for content creators and entrepreneurs interested in building and growing their content-first businesses without relying on social platforms.

Join 500+ bloggers, podcasters, authors, newsletter writers, speakers, coaches and consultants, freelancers, and YouTubers at The learning and networking event for content creators.

Plan to attend this year May 1-3, 2023, in Cleveland, Ohio. Don’t be left out of this amazing event!


19. Organize your Work and Life [finally]

Become focused, organized, and calm with Todoist. The world’s #1 task manager and to-do list app.

>> [Start for free]

20. Love a Good Statistic?

Stat Significant is a weekly newsletter featuring data-centric essays about culture, economics, sports, statistics, and more.

Are Best Picture winners getting worse? Is the Christmas season coming earlier? What is the dollar value of a yard in the NFL? Subscribe for free to find out!

>> [Check out Stat Significant]

21. Your Partner in Global Employment

Over 1000 companies are hiring, paying, and taking care of their team members all over the world with Oyster’s all-in-one global employment platform.

>> [Start building your team]

22. Notion

Over 20 million people and hundreds of thousands of teams around the world use Notion to organize their work and get more done.

Notion is the all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, project management, and wikis — and makes them all customizable.

[collaborate, stay informed, and get more done together]

If every person and business can tailor the software to their problems, the world will be better at solving its problems.

Our mission as a company is to make that a ubiquitous reality.

>> [Sign up today]

23. The Daily Upside

Insightful business news that respects your time and intelligence.

The Daily Upside is a business newsletter that covers the most important stories in business in a style that's engaging, insightful, and fun.

Started by a former investment banker, The Daily Upside delivers quality insights and surfaces unique stories you won't read elsewhere.

>> [Sign up here]

24. Caffeinated Energy Bars

Skip the overpriced lattes. Organic Green Tea in a plant-based bar that’s perfectly pocket-sized and ready to unwrap anytime, anywhere.

Over 3000 5-star reviews.


25. Shut The Box Dice Game

Dating back to 12th century France, sailors cherished playing

Shut The Box Game.

In modern times whether you're camping with friends or relaxing with family, you'll have endless fun with this easy-to-learn game!

>> [Grab Now]

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