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Twitter Marketing – Latest Interesting 18 Key Stats and Facts!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Twitter Marketing – Latest Interesting 18 Key Stats and Facts!

1. Value of Twitter’s market cap: 28.93bn USD

2. Twitter’s annual ad revenue: 3.2bn USD

3. Number of monetizable daily active Twitter users (MDAU): 217m

4. Number of active Twitter users worldwide: 436m

5. Projected number of Twitter users in 2024: 340.2m

6. Country with the most Twitter users: United States

7. Largest age group among Twitter users: 25-34 yrs

8. Share of marketers using Twitter: 48%

9. Share of B2B marketers using Twitter: 54%

10. Share of marketers stating that Twitter is the most important social media platform: 22%

11. Average number of weekly brand posts on Twitter: 4.4

12. Verticals with the highest number of weekly brand posts on Twitter: Media

13. Twitter’s annual ad spend: 56.1m USD

14. CPC of Twitter ads: 0.38 USD

15. CPM of Twitter ads: 6.46 USD

16. Average engagement rate with brand posts on Twitter: 0.07%

17. Less than 30 percent of recently surveyed industry specialists stated plans to increase marketing activities on Twitter.

18. Growing divide between the social media champions is already reflected in Twitter ads’ costs-per-click (CPC), which are significantly lower than that of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Source: Statista (Published by Statista Research Department, Nov 23, 2021)

Latest in news:

Elon Musk strikes a deal to buy Twitter for $44bn USD as per trending sources across the Internet.

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