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Twitter Trends India [3 Trends About To Go Big] - Key Insights

Twitter Trends India [3 Trends About To Go Big] - Key Insights You Can't Miss:

The biggest movements start quietly. An experience or idea becomes a conversation, which then becomes a seismic cultural shift. If you want in on what’s next, you’ve got to listen to what people on Twitter are saying right now, and is all about Twitter Trends India 2022.

Key Insights from 2022 Twitter Trends India Report:

An extensive study of conversations on Twitter over a [two-year period] reveals 3 must-know trends that are about to go big.

It’s what people on Twitter are actually talking about, revealing the behaviors that are shaping what’s coming tomorrow. It’s all crucial to understanding, no matter what business you’re in.

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Twitter Trend India - [Trend 1]: Finance go Social:

Investing has entered the chat. 185% YoY increase in discussions on financial literacy. 62% more discussions around finance in 2021.

The rise of digital finance and Web 3.0 literacy.

Emerging Topics – NFT + Bollywood, Bollycoin, and Beyond Life.

Keep your eye on – Market news, Trade, Investments, Investment Accounts, and Hedge Funds.

What’s in it for you from Twitter Trends India 2022 [Trend 1]:

There is an opportunity to connect deeply and personally with consumers.

Teach first – Demonstrate your expertise that can elevate trust and belief in your company and the services and products you offer.

Champion underrepresented voices – Give them a safe space and a place for their voices to be heard.

Make people aware of the risks – Inform your customers and drive-up knowledge on the risks related to Crypto and NFT.

Upskill on Web 3.0 – Help your customers feel in the know by educating them on DeFi (decentralized finance) and giving them the facts to make smarter choices.

Twitter Trends India - [Trend 2]: Fan Built Worlds:

Fan sub-cultures are expanding. Fans are becoming more vocal and more influential than ever before. 47% increase in discussions amongst Indians around fandom in 2021.

55% increase in conversations around Cricket Twitter.

Emerging Topics – Cosplay, Marvel Fans, LARP [Live Action Role Play], and DCFanDome.

Keep your eye on – Fan Tokens, Tribalism, and Kollywood.

What’s in it for you from Twitter Trends India 2022 [Trend 2]:

Fans over Brands - Embrace the fact that today’s fans are a part of your brand. Find new ways to build them up and bring them close.

Seek out niche fandoms – Seek out those groups (fandoms) whose values match up to yours and find opportunities to support and elevate your messages together.

Reimagine your collaborations – Support creators from your own fandom with new projects.

Twitter Trends India - [Trend 3]: Entrepreneur Hits Peak Culture:

Building a business has never been more exciting. India is the 3rd largest unicorn ecosystem in the world.

On Twitter, founders are building communities along with their own personal brands and inspiring a new, more diverse, generation of budding entrepreneurs as they grow. 22% increase in discussions around entrepreneurship in 2021.

269% YoY increase in conversation about female entrepreneurs.

Founders and creators are using Twitter to grow their personal brands by sharing their journeys and encouraging more people to do the same.

Emerging Topics – Collaborative Platforms, App Creation, Creators Becoming Founders, Startup Programmes, and Monetization Tools.

Keep your eye on – Women Startups, Demanding Action, Creator Values, Unicorn Start-ups, Female Entrepreneurs, and Female Empowerment.

What’s in it for you from Twitter Trends India 2022 [Trend 3]:

Inspire and light the way – Show your brand’s success and mentorship to those who want to build a brand of their own.

Shake up the serious – Enable more people to join the conversation. Dull business talk doesn’t entice everyone.

Recognize that women are the future – Make your brand motivate women to become their own bosses.

These insights might help inform brands and marketers like you about the evolving consumer conversation and behavior, enabling you to foster lasting relationships with your audience and plan ahead based on insights.

Want to discover more? If you are interested, you may access the complete 2022 Twitter Trends India Report here.

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