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What is the Purpose of Advertising?

What is the Purpose of Advertising?

The purpose of advertising is to promote your business, product, or service in order to increase influence or persuade, build brand awareness, and visibility. As per Statista, "Value of the global marketing related data market is 52bn USD".

It is a way to reach potential customers and inform them about your business and what it has to offer. Advertising allows you to reach a wide audience, which may otherwise be difficult to reach.

In fact, according to Research and Markets, the global digital advertising and marketing market is set to reach $786.2 billion by 2026

Purpose of Advertisements:

Advertising can help you attract new customers and encourage existing customers to buy more products and services. It can also help you remain visible in the marketplace so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

The purpose of advertising is also to create an emotional connection with consumers and instill a positive feeling about a product or service. This connection will lead people to make a purchase decision.

The purpose of advertising is also to inform, persuade and remind people about a product or service. It can create awareness and create demand for a product or service. It can even remind people about products or services they may need.

Overall, Advertising can help create positive associations with a product or brand that can lead to increased sales.

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