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What Majority Of Them Have No Idea On This!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other person’s or other company’s products or services to market/audience/customers and if someone purchases through your reference or your referral link or affiliate link, then you earn a commission on each sale.

You just need to drive traffic/audience/customer to affiliate products by safe professional practices either through your social media platforms or blogs or articles or videos or any online methods and if these customers and those interested in your products, if they buy through your affiliate link, you earn a commission on each sale.

Yes, due to the pandemic situations, people are rushing to seek opportunities to supplement income online due to several effects caused by the pandemic outbreak. There has been also another group of people seeking Financial Freedom and are eager to quit their hectic day Job or 9–5 job or 9–9 job and progressively seeking information on work from Home opportunity business so as to lead a life on their own terms.

In this context, Affiliate Marketing provides work from home Online Business Entrepreneurship Opportunity who is seriously seeking income online by working in this Industry. For those having Digital Marketing skills, this is a boon, and for those, not to get sad, with minimal tech experience or zero experience, there are ways also to enter and work in this Affiliate Marketing Industry.

The only change you need is your positive mindset and your continued efforts to succeed in this business. Think of it as a business and then your thinking gets broad. Any business takes its own time to get prosper, right!. But this Industry has the highest potential in today's Digital Revolution to start with this Affiliate Marketing Business, provided your mindset and efforts are in place.

With the development of the online marketing industry and growing Digital Marketing tools day to day, for serious persons, planning to work in this industry is not at all a hurdle. Focus, Focus and Focus, this industry is going to boom like anything in the next several years because businesses want sales and in turn, they are slowly adopting Affiliate Marketing Programmed in their business operations to enroll affiliates and create a win-win business situation for both and thus creating an online platform to work on.

Businesses/Companies have already thought, the expenses which they incur on marketing will be higher when compared to expenses that they can gain from Affiliate who promote their products/services and offering huge commissions (minimum 50–90%) that will boost the confidence of the affiliates and as well as the business to run the sales operations.

So, it's right to step in at the right moment to regain your momentum to financial freedom through this one of the emerging massive Industry those who are really thinking of working in.

Ofcourse, any business needs investment, here with a minimal investment like web domain and hosting charges, Ads running expenses, and some online tool expenses/charges. You can invest as you earn more accordingly to scale up this business, but the plus point is, this industry has the massive potential to get better ROI (return on investment) over the period and you need to work on it consistently without losing your focus and a positive mindset.

Below are the important factors:

  1. Basic is to understand the Affiliate Marketing Business preferably from an affiliate marketer/mentor who can deliver the knowledge required for beginner/aspiring affiliate marketers and already experience the business market and can understand what is to be enlightened to newbies- no knowledge, no benefits.

  2. The majority of the affiliate marketers fail not understanding what to do and they simply, paste the affiliate links and create a spammy mood!. To be understood: Right knowledge, right steps, right gains in the future!

  3. Work in a Niche in which you love or are confident about.

  4. Always ensure to deliver value before the sales pitch.

  5. Build trust among your audience/network/followers.

  6. Provide routine value to your community.

  7. Once an authority is established, then your affiliate products promotion will work for you gradually.

  8. Value can be like free e-books, free tips/strategies, and alike.

  9. Don't do spamming with links anywhere and safe affiliate practices to be followed.

  10. Build a Niche-specific website to get more leads.

  11. Never stop learning.

You can get the free traffic in the below ways:

  1. Write an article or blog around the product you want to promote and drive traffic.

  2. You can use affiliate resources to build your article or blog including images and videos.

  3. In between these, embed your affiliate links and when someone reads your article when they click on this link, they move to the affiliate products page [But always ensure, create some Bridge page or warm-up page or landing page or pre-sell page before driving traffic to the main sales page and this is good practice.

  4. Create and update all your social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and try to post routinely about products of your interest and create some interesting titles to make catchy so that audience can look into your post or article or blog.

  5. You can create a Facebook page or group and post about your products.

  6. Don't do spamming with links. These are the majority of the mistakes affiliate marketers make.

  7. To summarize, article/blogs and social media posts are the freeways of driving audience traffic with creativity and curiosity-based posts.

Landing Page is required and is a professional practice while working in Affiliate Marketing Online Business.

This helps you in the below ways:

  1. Many platforms don't allow to link directly the affiliate links, else the account will be disabled.

  2. Bridge Page/Landing Page/Pre-sell page helps you in capturing an e-mail list (which you can send offers to your prospects later or in the future or even reminders to existing offers) and this page will warm up the audience before reaching to affiliate products sales page. Even ads if you do require a landing page mandatory.

  3. It builds your credibility or trust by the prospects or customers and gives a good impression of a professional way of online affiliate marketing.

My honest suggestions to you are to go through the below steps that might help you in the long term results:

  1. Have you attended an Affiliate Marketing Course - this helps you to prepare you to know what to be done, why to be done, how to be done with your affiliate products links. You also know Dos and Donts of this business.

  2. Making money online from affiliate marketing is possible as long as you provide some value to your audience/followers/your group based on the Niche/area of your interest.

  3. Dont spam with your links anywhere, else your account might get blocked.

  4. Try to provide some valuable information on the affiliate product to those in need and you need to identify that audience, gain trust gradually, and then have your sales or earning money at the backend.

  5. In the Affiliate marketing business, providing value is very important than being a sales motive initially.

  6. So, you will learn how to earn money from your affiliate links/affiliate products from the various beginner's strategy in the course.

  7. Few examples like Amazon links are allowed in some social media sites, but not the majority of affiliate products. There should be some bridge page/landing page or pre-sell page between your affiliate product ads to sales page or write an article about the affiliate product, then insert affiliate links inside the articles (embed with hyperlinks) and then share it to your network who are in need of such products. When someone finds it interesting, they may click the link and explore the product.

  8. Knowledge provides you the confidence to work in this business and work professionally that helps you to earn money online in the long term.

  9. The majority of aspiring affiliate marketers fail because of inadequate knowledge and don't know how to use safe and best practices while earning money using affiliate products or affiliate links.

Hope this might have helped and provided some value in your Affiliate Marketing Online Business Journey. ALL THE BEST.

P.S: If you think this blog post will benefit you or others in your network/community, please share it, so that those in need can benefit from your tiny efforts! Also, don’t forget to see other value-packed blog posts from this blog that might help you/your business.

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