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Why 'Content Writing' and 'Content Marketing' An Opportunity?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Why 'Content Writing' and 'Content Marketing' An Opportunity?

Why 'Content Writing' and 'Content Marketing' An Opportunity?:

I know you might be wondering...What’s the difference between a content marketer and a content writer? What to become? A content writer or a content marketer?

Don't worry, I’ll clarify for you in a few moments.


This one should not be hard to understand.

A content writer is the one who writes the content piece. It’s as simple as that.

To become one, you should be able to write. Not just write, write effectively to make a connection with the audience or readers, or prospects.

And there is a lot you can do in content writing.

You can be a...

  • SEO Content Writer: It is one of the most in-demand skills when it comes to content writing. You should be able to write target keywords focused content that’ll rank on top of the search engine results and drive traffic organically.

  • Social Media Writer: It's the one who can write engaging social media posts that get comments and shares. It’s an art to write short content in such a manner. With organic reach diminishing, this is one of the essential skills required for social media success.

  • Subject Matter Expert: He/She is the one who knows a topic deep enough to create authoritative content like detailed how-to content, ebooks, pillar blog posts. and more.

  • Lead Generation Writer: It is someone who writes content focusing on driving action like creating sales or generating leads. This is the skill that generates money for the business.

  • Advertising Copywriter: It is the one who writes ad copies, sales pages, landing pages, etc., This is different from the regular content writing skill.

  • And alike....

With the evolution of content formats like podcasts, videos, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and all, the need for content writing specialists is growing.

You can choose to become the type of content writer that suits your skills.

You can choose to be a freelancer or a full-time working professional. You get to choose what you want to be.


It’s a lead position.

The content marketer is a more significant role that comprises strategizing, planning, ideating, creating, promoting, and reporting.

You’ll be picking the goals, how to achieve the goals, what content is required to meet the goals, how much promotion is needed, and how the content pieces are performing individually and overall.

You’ll be wearing multiple hats while being the content marketer. You’ll be responsible for the success of your content marketing campaign.

And you don’t need to be a content writer to become a content marketer. Being a content writer is a plus and allows you to do your job better, but it’s not required.

And businesses are looking for content marketers who can drive their content marketing efforts and produce results.

If you love content marketing but are not comfortable with content writing, then this is your option.

So, you know now how Content Writing and Content Marketing play a big role in businesses to drive more audience, leads, and even sales! which is the need of the hour in a post-pandemic world when the businesses are gradually moving online.

So, decide what you want to become?......

All the best...

By the way, if you already decided, here is some related information that might be useful to you to take it to the next level!

Content Credit: learntoday/Deepak.

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