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Writesonic Review [Updated] - [AI Content Writer]

Updated: Apr 12

Writesonic Reviews 2023 - [Updated AI Writesonic and ChatSonic Review] - [Writesonic review]


This Writesonic review is based on my own experience with the Writesonic AI Software, which I've been using since December 2021 (short video interface included below).

I have used it in the capacity of an internet marketer and blogger for my own works. This is the ultimate post to help you make a wise decision. Read the post till the end that surely help you.

Name of the product: [Writesonic]

In my case, I am using Long Form Plan, which meets my work needs

Technology behind Writesonic:

Artificial Intelligence powered [GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and GPT 4+*]

Core objective of the Writesonic:

AI-powered content that meets all writing needs including SEO

“AI has the ability to power new levels of expression and creativity, and to serve as a critical tool to help people create great content for the web” Google Search Central

Significant features of Writesonic:

To generate AI-powered content in a few seconds.:

This could be a blog post, long-form article content, landing pages, Facebook Ads copy, Google Ads copy, E-Mail subject lines, Product descriptions, Article Ideas, Article Intros, Cold E-Mails, LinkedIn Posts, LinkedIn Ad descriptions and headlines, Amazon product features and titles, SEO meta tags for website/blog, YouTube description and ideas and much more around these (Overall supported with 100+ features, few additions in progress..).

Major domains covered by Writesonic:

  • Articles and Blogs - this is my favorite [AI-generated content]

  • Ads and Marketing Tools,

  • E-Commerce,

  • Frameworks,

  • Social Media,

  • Website Copy,

  • Real Estate,

  • Startup and others.

  • General Writing - This is my favorite.

  • The Writesonic team's dedication is appreciated as new features are implemented to make the platform more user-friendly and increase productivity. They are listening to us!

  • All at a Click of a Button [with very few inputs to generate quality content]

  • Here is a new blockbuster feature - ChatSonic [inspired by ChatGPT] - 10X super-powerful!

Suitability of Writesonic [AI-generated content for many needs]:

This AI-powered software/online tool is highly useful for bloggers, e-commerce owners, copywriters, digital marketers, content writers, social media marketers, YouTubers, real estate owners, freelance writers, freelance marketers, website and landing page developers, startups, affiliate marketers, and any B2C or B2B businesses.

Beginner and User Friendly.

Writesonic Free Trial:

Free Trial available.

Writesonic Review [AI Content Writer, many tasks simplified!]:

User Experience of Writesonic:


User Interface of Writesonic:


Overall Quality of Output (content) from Writesonic:

9/10 (Satisfactory)

Writesonic Pricing:


I am using this A.I powered tool for my regular work and it's meeting beyond my expectations.

New Update on GPT:

A new word system was introduced recently based on its quality of output. Premium [GPT 3.5 based - in existence], Superior [GPT 4 based - newly offered], and "Ultra [GPT 4+ based [in testing]]. The quality is amazing.

Whenever you buy a new subscription plan on Writesonic, your account gets credited with the relevant number of words and gets debited by the number of words you generate while using the tool.

Writesonic Pros and Cons:

Here are the various Writesonic Pros or Benefits or Advantages:

  1. Helps save time by generating content in just a few seconds.

  2. With multiple options, you can generate your content in seconds.

  3. Reduces content workload.

  4. Persuasive content that engages the audience.

  5. The site's interface is effortless with ease of use.

  6. Reduces writer’s block.

  7. Boost the website’s SEO (I am closely watching this! and have experienced a bit of traffic flow).

  8. Increases writing productivity.

  9. Reduces the need for research.

  10. Very minimum inputs are needed for certain features to generate output.

  11. No plagiarism was observed in the blog post content output.

  12. Quick and easy editing and formatting.

  13. Beginner and user-friendly platform.

  14. Content repetition is very minimal.

  15. Multiple language features are available.

  16. SEMrush integration is a positive factor (I am yet to explore this)

  17. Publish your blogs directly from Article Writer 2.0 or 3.0 to WordPress.

  18. Automatic image generation feature in blog content generation process.

  19. Features are being enhanced depending on user feedback, and this is a fantastic opportunity to put this AI tool to work for you!

  20. New Update: If you have a WordPress website or blog, the new integration feature saves you a lot of time by allowing you to publish blog posts with a click!

  21. New Update: No more wasting time copy-pasting your content here & there. Share feature added with Public & Private Link access to share with community concerned with.

  22. New Update: TikTok Video Hook Generator. Growing on this TikTok platform requires posting quality content consistently. And your video must start with a compelling hook. A great video hook is one that explains what the video is about, within the first few seconds. This is highly useful for TikTok users that helps to achieve more views!

  23. New Update: Recommended features across the dashboard interface for ease of use of the features.

  24. New Update: Questions - A feature tool to create engaging questions and polls

  25. New Update: Twitter tweet generator (using AI and on-trend) and Instagram caption generator (attention-grabbing captions)

  26. New Update: App and SMS Notifications - Generate notification messages for your apps, websites, and mobile devices that keep users coming back for more.

  27. New Update: Stories - Generate engaging and persuasive stories that will capture your reader's attention and interest.

  28. New Update: Song Lyrics - Generate unique song lyrics that will be perfect for your next hit song.

  29. New Update: Call to Action Generator - Increase your conversion rates by 300% with this powerful CTA generator. Let AI improve your click-through rate!

  30. New Update: Passive to Active Voice - Passive voice can be harmful to your content. Transform your sentences into active voice, so it becomes easy to read & understand.

  31. New Update: Definition Generator - Yes, the definition generator can give you a proper definition of anything & everything in seconds.

  32. New Update: Answer Writer - Worried about what if your answer doesn't cover it all? Let's solve this issue. Use the answer writer to create informational answers with a click.

  33. New Update: Bullet Point Answers - How to make your answers more readable? Make it concise—Turn them into bullet points with the Bullet Point Answer writer.

  34. New Update: Pros and Cons generator - This feature will give you clear points distinguishing benefits and limitations in a given piece of content.

  35. New Update: Bulk Upload - Now with just an excel sheet or CSV file, you can generate multiple pieces of content in one go. Need product descriptions for 1000+ products? Or 100+ Facebook ads at once? Generate content in a few seconds (Suitable for E-Commerce players).

  36. New Update: Instant Article Writer - A long-form content creator that can generate articles in one click, with only one input required-the title. With Article Writer 3.0 you get the option to customize your title, introduction, and outlines during the 4-step process. Whereas, Instant Article Writer chooses the best introduction and outlines for you and generates a draft directly without having to give multiple inputs.

  37. New Significant Update with FREE feature launched on Product Hunt- PHOTOSONIC [Writesonic Image Generator], which helps to generate a powerful AI image and art generator that lets you create stunning visuals in minutes. Try Your Image Now!

  38. New Update: New user interface (UI) with a more professional touch.

  39. New Update: Make your own AI: Write anything with this custom AI feature.

  40. New Update: Addition of Sonic Mode feature. Now you can generate and edit content using any feature available on Writesonic, without having to leave the editor.

  41. New Update: Addition of Twitter Thread Generator, Upgraded Twitter Tweet Generator, and LinkedIn Post V2.

  42. New Major Update: [Article Writer 4.0] - A step up in writing SEO-friendly blog posts and articles of up to 3000 words, faster than before! - in Beta Stage.

  43. New Major Update: Launch of ChatSonic [inspired by ChatGPT]. It is upgraded at the moment for a better user experience with information.

  44. New Integration Update: With Surfer [for SEO purposes]

  45. Feature Upgrade - Text Summary V2 - Be it a blog, article, or any other piece of writing, this new version helps you shrink your text into a bite-sized, digestible format. You have two different options for summarizing your text: Human Like, which produces short paragraphs with a natural voice, or Key Points, which generates bullet-point summaries for easy reading.

  46. Chatsonic Chrome Extension released - With this extension, you can: Generate, summarize, and reply to emails inside Gmail, write tweets, summarize, and reply to tweets, get factual ChatGPT-like replies next to Google Search, and create content anywhere on Chrome with CMD+M shortcut.

Writesonic Cons:

  1. ChatSonic's [like ChatGPT] content length needs improvement.

  2. Few percentages of repetitive statements in the content generated need attention while editing and proofreading.

Writesonic Review [Features]:

Each feature review of the Writesonic (features that I use, and other features that I haven't used yet, but hope to use in the future):

  1. AI Article and Blog Writer: 8.5/10

  2. Content Rephrase: 9/10

  3. Sentence Expander: 8.5/10

  4. AI Article Ideas: 9/10

  5. AI Article Intros: 8.5/10

  6. AI Article Outlines: 9/10

  7. Landing Pages: 9/10

  8. E-Mail Subject Lines: 9/10

  9. Content Shorten: 9/10.

  10. Pain Agitate Solutions: 8.5/10

  11. AIDA Framework: 8.5/10

  12. LinkedIn Posts: 8.5/10

  13. Landing Page Headlines: 9/10

  14. Listicle Ideas: 8/10

  15. SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post): 9/10

  16. Google Ads: Not used.

  17. Google Ad Titles: Not used

  18. Google Ad Descriptions: Not used.

  19. Cold E-Mails: Not used.

  20. Facebook Ads Copy: 9/10

  21. Product Descriptions: Not used.

  22. Real Estate Listing Descriptions: Not used.

  23. Amazon Sponsored Ads Brand Headlines: Not used.

  24. Amazon Product Descriptions: Not used.

  25. Amazon Product Features: Not used.

  26. Amazon Product Titles: Not used.

  27. Analogy Maker: Not used.

  28. Company Bios: Not used.

  29. E-Mails: Not used.

  30. Growth Ideas: Not used.

  31. Keyword Extractor: Not used.

  32. LinkedIn Headlines: 9/10.

  33. LinkedIn Ad Descriptions: Not used.

  34. LinkedIn Ads: Not used.

  35. SEO Meta Tags (Home Page): Not used.

  36. SEO Meta Tags (Product Page): Not used.

  37. Personal Bios: Not used.

  38. Short Press Release: Not used.

  39. Startup Ideas: Not used.

  40. YouTube Descriptions: Not used

  41. YouTube Ideas: Not used.

  42. YouTube Intros: Not used.

  43. YouTube Outlines: Not used.

  44. YouTube Titles: Not used.

  45. Quora Answer Feature: 9.5/10 (amazing)

  46. Review Responder: Not used.

  47. Company Mission: Not used.

  48. Company Vision: Not used.

  49. Conclusion Writer: 8.5/10

  50. Paragraph Writer: 9/10.

  51. TikTok Video Hooks Generator: Not used.

  52. Questions: Not Used.

  53. Tweet generator: 9/10 [Upgraded]

  54. Instagram captions: 9/10

  55. App and SMS Notifications: 9/10

  56. Stories: 9/10

  57. Song Lyrics: Not used.

  58. Call to Action Generator: Not used.

  59. Passive to Active Voice: Not used.