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10 Types of Headlines to Boost your Open Rates, Clicks and Conversions.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

10 Types of Headlines to Boost Open Rates, Clicks and Conversions in Digital Marketing
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10 Different Types of Headlines to Increase Opens, Clicks, and Conversions in Digital Marketing:

Your headline is the most crucial part of your copy. If it isn't powerful enough, no one will read it... AKA you'll make no money.

Here are 10 Irresistible Headline Formulas to Boost your Clicks, Open Rates, and Conversions:

Let's begin...

But before, something important…

These formulas work great for sales pages, lead magnets, blog posts, and everything in between. This thread post is focused on those, but with a few tweaks, you can use these formulas for your emails' subject lines.

That said, let's continue…

1. The "How To" Headline:

This one works so well because people always want to learn new things.

Moreover, we want to learn how to do new things.

Formula: How To [Achieve Desired Outcome].

Example: "How to lose 10 lbs of fat before summer arrives".

2. The "List" Headline:

Rather than a single thing, list headlines offer many things in exchange for the reader's attention.

The perceived value increases, making them more interesting.

Formula: [Number] [ways/tricks/tips] to [Outcome].

Example: The first tweet of this thread. [This blog post headline]

3. The "Fearmonger" Headline:

This type of headline uses fear to get in the head of the prospect.

It compels them to read the rest of the copy to get rid of that fear.

Formula: Warning! Are you [Something Undesirable]?

Example: "Warning! Are you ruining your skin?"

4. The "Mistakes" Headline:

We’re all afraid of making silly mistakes.

A list of mistakes arouses our curiosity...

Encouraging us to find out if we've made those mistakes.

Formula: [Number] common mistakes [target] make.

Example: "7 common hygiene mistakes men make".

5. The "Bizarre" Headline:

Bizarre headlines are one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The bizarre factor sparks curiosity in readers.

This leads to a strong desire to read the rest.

Formula: Why [Bizarre Claim]

Example: "Why Kim Kardashian stopped using skincare products"

6. The "Social Proof" headline:

If your product has a lot of customers, you should definitely use this headline.

Formula: The [Product] [Number] people used to [Desired Outcome]

Example: "The diet 549 men used to get abs in 2 months".

7. The "Testimonial" Headline:

This one is similar to the previous one.

The difference?

Here we're focusing on the result rather than the number of customers.

Formula: How [Customer] got [Result] in [Timeframe]

Example: "How Leah got an acne-free face in just 2 weeks".

8. The "Comparison" Headline:

People love to take sides (vegan vs carnivore, right vs left, etc).

By comparing two things in your headline, you attract both sides of the debate.

Formula: [Option 1] vs. [Option 2].

Example: "Keto vs. Fasting, which one is better?".

9. The "Problem-Solution" Headline:

This formula offers us a solution to a painful problem.

It works best when you make the problem as specific as possible.

Formula: Why [Problem] (And how to fix it).

Example: "Why your legs aren't growing (And how to fix it).

10. The "Question" Headline:

We are programmed to find answers to every question.

By opening with a question, you can "force" readers to keep reading in order to find the answer.

Formula: Are you [Provocative Question]?

Example: "Are you still using plastic bags?"

Hope these help with your Digital Marketing efforts to boost open rates, clicks, and conversions!

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