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Business and Marketing Tools Box

Here are the easy-to-use tools or softwares that I personally use (and or used by me in the past) and recommend for your benefit that might help to boost your business outcomes or goals.

[Most of these have Free Trials and Free Versions that you may use to get hands-on confidence and decide further]

[Click on each headline to access & open a FREE account!]

Your high-quality content writing or content creation worries can be quickly resolved by using this AI content writer. Generate 1000+ words of content on any topic in a few seconds at a click! [Blog Posts, Articles, Essays, Social Media Ad Copy, Headlines, Intro Paras, Conclusion Paras, and many more]

Get the world's easiest All-In-One marketing platform [Save several hundreds of dollars per month than paying high to competitors] - See how you might also earn while using it! 

Create your awesome social media banner and images.

Improve grammar and vocabulary while writing your content.

Tweet Hunter:
Build and monetize your Twitter audience, Fast.

Link shortener (Convert long form links to good looking short links).

Compress your images easily.

Link shortener (Convert long form links to good looking short links).

Article Forge:
Another AI content writer that generates high-quality content on any topic of your choice.

Screen video recorder and screen capture easily and share.

Paragraph rephrasing to improve your content quality.

Create your awesome social media banner and images.

Stock images and videos that are free to use.

Stock images that are free to use.

Stock images and videos that are free to use.

Create your websites and blogs (drag and drop).

Google Trends:
See what is trending on the Internet.

Google Keywords Planner:
Check out your business keywords.

Share your content instantly on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium platforms.

Headline Analyzer:
Improve the headlines of your blog posts or articles based on the SEO score to attract visitors and rank higher in search results.



For inspiration, creativity, and as a virtual assistant

for regular tasks

Your all links at one place with good interface.

Instantly access your marketing and business statistics to strengthen your content and authority.
Quora Answer:
An amazing feature from Writesonic to help you with generating answers for Quora Questions that will position you as an authority.

Google Analytics:
See what your visitors doing on your website or blog.
[Other Recommendations:]
Long Tail Pro:
Find long tail keywords with a high chance of ranking in search engines like Google and also less competitive.

Your all-in-one SEO business tool.

Your alternative all-in-one SEO business tool.

B2B Tools & Softwares:
Latest and trending across the internet in a post-pandemic era.

Motion Invest:
Purchase (or) sell blogs & websites that are already profitable via ads and affiliate networks.
[Bonus Recommendation]
What Type Of “Side Hustle” Is Right For You To Earn Online? There are over 11+ different types of side hustles! Play the quiz to know yourself!

P.S: To make your tool finding process as simple as possible, I'll maintain updating this page from time to time. Please return or bookmark this page for later use.

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