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20 Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

20 Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs
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20 Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs:

Now, you have the option to work as an affiliate or partner with the 20 BEST ANTIVIRUS AFFILIATE PROGRAMS in the world based on your interests and passion and as per your choice and are offered by a variety of leading, trending, and well-known businesses that have established a strong presence.

By the way, if you are a beginner or newbie to this affiliate marketing concept, this is what it means:

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other person’s, other company’s, other business's products, or services to market, audience, friends, followers, family, or visitors (in general to anyone) and if someone purchases or buys through your referral link or affiliate link, then you earn a commission on each sale, which varies business to business (affiliate program).

These commissions can be one-time and in some cases, might be recurring!

In fact, some people use affiliate programs to generate passive online income while working part-time from home.

For some, this is a hobby, while for others it is an additional source of income. For those willing to put in the time and effort, there are countless opportunities to use it as a side hustle.

Also worth mentioning is the possibility that some of these affiliate programs aren't available in certain regions or nations.

However, if you're interested, motivated, and committed to using the internet to supplement your income, you may look into the broad possibilities and create your own online business.

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So, let's take a very brief look at each one by one, and by the way, consider this blog post for your guidance purposes only. You might explore more information on each affiliate program from the link available at the end of this post.

20 Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs:

  1. Avast Affiliate Program - Avast is a very popular, and reasonably capable, freemium antivirus package for home computers. They offer VPN services, too. Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale

  2. Norton Affiliate Program: Norton is one of the most well-known brand names in computer security today, even though they started out selling a tool called Norton Utilities in 1982. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  3. Surfshark Affiliate Program: Surfshark does all the usual VPN stuff. Multihop lets your customers can connect from multiple locations at once, truly masking their physical location. Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale.

  4. 360 Total Security Affiliate Program: 360 Total Security is a one-stop security solution and powerful security software that offers protection for home devices and businesses. Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale.

  5. Panda Security Affiliate Program: Panda is a Spanish computer security and IT solutions company that’s been around since 1998. They offer antivirus products and VPN services. Commission Rate: 50% Per Sale.

  6. AVG Technologies Affiliate Program: 200 million computer and smartphone users trust AVG (Anti-virus Guard) with keeping their data and system safe. They offer VPN services now as well. Commission Rate: 15% - 35% Per Sale.

  7. VIPRE Antivirus Affiliate Program: VIPRE Antivirus is Award-winning antivirus security and online privacy to protect personal devices from malware, phishing, and data loss. Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale.

  8. Eset Affiliate Program: ESET offers future-ready Internet Security, that protects your digital life every step of the way that works on any device. Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale.

  9. Sucuri Affiliate Program: The vision and leadership of the founders enabled Sucuri to become one of the most recommended website security services among web professionals. Commission Rate: $200 Per Sale.

  10. Malwarebytes Affiliate Program: Malwarebytes Inc. designs computer software. They provide protection software for computer antivirus solutions. Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale.

  11. Avira Affiliate Program: Avira has long been a known name in the antivirus game. It also offers a VPN service as well as security solutions for businesses. Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale.

  12. G DATA Software Inc Affiliate Program: G DATA Software, Inc. is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions. Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale.

  13. BullGuard Affiliate Program: BullGuard is an award-winning cybersecurity company, providing the consumer & small business markets with to use of the internet in safety. Commission Rate: 35% to 50% Per Sale.

  14. Iolo System Mechanic Affiliate Program: Iolo develops patented technology and software that repairs, optimizes, and protects computers, to maximize system speed and performance. Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale.

  15. McAfee Affiliate Program: McAfee is a well-known and award-winning antivirus for PC, Android, and iOS. Browse the web privately, safely, and securely with their VPN. Commission Rate: $10 Per Sale.

  16. TrueSerial Affiliate Program: TrueSerial is the number one Trusted Antivirus Reseller Worldwide, providing top-of-the-line, brand-name McAfee Antivirus Software. Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale.

  17. Total AV Affiliate Program: TotalAV is a Complete Antivirus Security Package, Compatible with Computers and Mobile Devices for the Entire Family. Commission Rate: $70 Per Sale.

  18. Heimdal Affiliate Program: Heimdal Security is one of the fastest-growing and highly focused companies in the cyber security industry. Commission Rate: 50% to 75% Per Sale.

  19. Intego Affiliate Program: Intego provides Internet security and Mac antivirus software to protect from network threats, viruses, Trojan horses, and all other malware. Commission Rate: 15% to 50% Per Sale.

  20. WebRoot Affiliate Program: Webroot is an OpenText company, that supports businesses and home users with cloud-based data security for Cyber Resilience. Commission Rate: Unknown at the moment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Simply click the link below to start earning online passive income with the best ANTIVIRUS affiliate programs available.

Source: Lasso - P.S: Please do your own due diligence before taking any action when exploring these programs. The commissions per sale might vary from time to time.

To clarify: Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich system. It is purely an internet business. Earnings are not assured, and the results are not typical. Building a successful Internet business requires time, commitment, and effort.

- There are over 11+ different types of side hustles!

P.S: Visit Digital Marketing Forum that answers [most un-answered] questions.

P.S.S: Please don’t forget to forward this blog post to your network so they can get the best tips, practices, strategies, education, resources, and tools to help their businesses grow.

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