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67 Digital Marketing Skills [Free Training and Courses]

Updated: Aug 29

market ready skills - digital marketing skills [free digital marketing training and courses]
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67 Digital Marketing Skills [Free Training and Courses]

Make sure you utilize these digital marketing skills to advance your work, profession, business, and revenue. Most importantly, these are provided for FREE. Some of these come with certifications as well.

In fact, these are strongly believed to be 'market-ready skills' that support anyone who wants to pursue a career upgrade and do so with confidence.

These are carefully handpicked to make your efforts easier. It's time for you to step up your life game to excel. Be the best by learning from the best!

Page Disclosure: To be transparent with you, the courses on this page are not sponsored in any form. Shared with the intention of assisting readers who could benefit in their work or career.

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“Skilled digital marketing talent continues to be in high demand. More than 1.3M marketing jobs were posted to LinkedIn in 2021, accounting for an enormous 374% YoY growth. This is great news for job seekers heading into 2023” Conductor

Digital Marketing Skills [67 Free Courses and Training]

[Skills a digital marketer ideally should have]

[Learn Online Marketing for Free - Courses and Certifications]

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

by Google

2. Copywriting Skill

by Eduonix Copywriting Course

3. Online Video Course and Editing Skills

by Alison

4. Google Search Ads

by WordStream PPC University

5. SEO Course for Beginners

by Moz

6. Basics of Artificial Intelligence

by Elements of AI

7. Inbound Marketing Course

by HubSpot Academy

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8. Become an Online Marketing Manager

by LinkedIn

9. Lead Generation Strategies [Used By Sales Experts]

by Udemy

10. Growth Marketing Essentials

by Udemy

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11. Free Basic SEO Course for Non-SEOs [5-Day Email Course]

by Help With Your Hustle

12. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Specialization

by Coursera

13. Growth Hacking Tools for Small Business Owners

by Udemy

14. Marketing 101: Principles of Marketing

by Udemy

15. Content Marketing: Blogging for Business

by LinkedIn

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16. Essentials of Writing Content

by Udemy

17. Social Media Marketing

by HubSpot Academy

18. UX Design Courses

by CareerFoundry

19. How to Start a Podcast

by Udemy

20. Introduction to Data Analytics

by Simplilearn

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21. Instagram Marketing

by HubSpot Academy

22. Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

by Udemy

23. Introduction to Copywriting, Content Writing, and Persuasion

by Udemy

24. Social Media Analytics

by quintly

25. Local SEO Checklist

by Moz

26. Google Ads Training

by Google Skillshop

27. Blogging [How to Start and Grow a Blog for your Business]

by Ahrefs

28. Email Marketing Masterclass

by wishpond

29. Technical SEO Training [for a limited period only]

by TechSEO Pro

30. [100-Day] Digital Agency Course - lessons by email

[for a limited period only]

by Digital Deepak

31. Amazon Ads Learning Console

by Amazon Ads Education Alliance

32. What is Social

by Coursera [Northwestern]

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33. Social Media Marketing Course and Certification

by eMarketing Institute

34. 155 years of Copywriting Insights

by udemy [class central]

35. Content-Led SEO

by Semrush Academy

36. Mastering Digital PR

by Semrush Academy

37. Semrush SEO Crash Course

by Semrush Academy

38. Advanced Content Marketing

by Semrush Academy

39. Content Creation [for Content Creators and Entrepreneurs]

[Mini-Courses on Book Publishing, Web3, and Legal Contracts]

by The Tilt Education

40. Learn how to create effective Lead Ads [Lead Generation]

by Meta Blueprint

41. How to Hire the Best Digital Marketer for your Business?

by Semrush Academy

42. Basic Programmatic Course - Everything you need to get started with Programmatic Advertising

by StackAdapt Academy

43. Native Advertising Channel Certification

by StackAdapt Academy

44. Google Analytics-4 [GA-4] for SEO - How data helps businesses grow?

by Semrush Academy

45. SEO Content Marketing - How To Create Content Google Loves?

by SE Ranking Academy

46. Pinterest Advertising - Help Advertisers To Maximize

Their Campaign's Success

by Pinterest Academy

47. New Basic Programmatic Course for Digital Marketers and Advertisers

by StackAdapt Academy

48. [A.I Courses] To Navigate The Future of Work - in Multiple Languages

[free through June 15, 2023 only]

by LinkedIn Learning

49. Scheme Markup 101 [SEO] -

[Make search engines better understand your content]

by Schema App

50. Video Ads Marketing Course -

[An eight-episode video course on how to make high-performing video ad content on Twitter]

by Twitter Flight School

51. Content Marketing Principles for Business -

[Discover ways to research, develop, and align appropriate content for your target audience. Teaches essential principles and business objectives of content marketing]

by Semrush Academy

52. Learn Local SEO -

[Take your local SEO knowledge to the next level & put theory into practice]

by BrightLocal Academy

53. High Ticket Sales -

[30-Day Email Course - 1 lesson sent every day - for a limited period!]

by Pixel Track

54. SEO for Beginners [2 hours] -

[It doesn't matter if you know nothing about SEO!]

by Ahrefs Academy

55. Social Media Marketing Crash Course -

[Learn social media marketing fundamentals]

by Semrush Academy

56. Foundations of Email Copywriting -

[Stop scratching your head!]

by Litmus and Aweber

57. Keyword Research Course -

[With Semrush's Tool - Step-by-Step Guide]

by Semrush Academy

58. SEO Learning Roadmap [Clickable Navigation Interface] -

[With reliable resources, FAQs, and more]


59. How To Do Competitive Research for SEO? -

[Increase your online visibility]

by Semrush Academy

60. Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn-

[Develop and Distribute Content throughout the Marketing Funnel]

by LinkedIn Marketing Labs

61. Advanced Link Building Course -

[Get backlinks without traditional tactics]

by Ahrefs Academy

62. Lead Generation Accelerator -

[Master the Art of Attracting Your Ideal Customers]

by Semrush Academy

63. Create Your Most Successful Marketing Plan Ever -

[Roadmap that generates 5x more results]

by Actionable Marketing Institute by CoSchedule

64. How To Master Service Page Optimization -

[Turn a good service page into a great one]

by BrightLocal Academy

65. Google Analytics [GA-4] Training

[Beginner-Friendly for Business Owners, Marketers, and Students]

by Google

66. Grow Your Marketing Agency Organically -

[By the Best Content and SEO Tactics - Comprehensive Marketing Playbook]

by Semrush Academy

67. The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide -

[Learn to Start a Successful Email Marketing Campaign - Engage & Convert]

by Semrush Academy

“Digital marketing ranks as one of the top 3 skills American workers

learned in 2022” – Conductor

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