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How To Grow and Earn From Twitter Social Media Platform?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

How To Grow and Earn From Twitter Social Media Platform?:

Twitter is gradually becoming the preferred medium for content creators, marketers, business owners, SaaS communities, product owners, and product creators in the post-pandemic era. It is already in the news, trends, and is being used for networking opportunities (next to LinkedIn). Businesses and brands are heavily focusing on using Twitter Ads to reach their target markets.

Potential audiences to reach with Twitter Ads are 436.4 Million & time spent on the Twitter platform by internet users is 5.1 hours per month [Digital Trends 2022 Report by Hootsuite — Key Insights Here].

The goal for many social media users right now is to take advantage of the Twitter platform to connect, increase traffic, generate interaction, and even encourage people to subscribe to their newsletters and generate sales.

The Twitter platform appears to have strong levels of engagement, and in my experience, I’ve seen some users getting more followers by sharing their experiences, lessons learned, sharing tips and strategies, life stories, and many other things that help them connect with other Twitter users.

Niche is defining one of the strong success rates on the Twitter platform as closely observed by me.

Twitter threads are quickly becoming the craze of the moment, spreading like wildfire and assisting users in achieving their objectives through their content.

For those who are serious about building their profile on Twitter in order to grow and earn, there is undoubtedly an element of work that one has to put forth in order to have their Tweets or Twitter Threads go viral.

Experimentation is another key success factor.

If you’re one of those people who struggle to come up with content ideas, here are 41 different tweet content ideas you can use to post on your Twitter handle and start developing yourself to achieve your goals, provided that consistent effort is required and that you use these tweet ideas on a regular basis like many other successful Twitter experts in your niche to grow and as well as earn.

Start implementing these ideas for your Tweet Content, grow yourself gradually, and make plans for revenue potential opportunities based on your current knowledge and experiences.

See what works best for you and I may also add some more Tweet Content Ideas in the future too to make your job easier than getting stuck with content ideas block!

In fact, I have started to use some of these Tweet Content ideas to grow my Twitter followers from earlier 8 followers to currently 90 followers (since March 2022; earlier I was not active on the Twitter platform) and now I am a regular user of it.

So, don’t look back! You are on your journey to growing an engaged Twitter audience. Forget about your past self and just keep ‘tweeting and going’.

Here are the 41 Tweet Content Ideas To Grow And Earn From Twitter:

1. Recycling is good for the planet. And your Twitter account. If you’ve been tweeting for a long time, you may have noticed how ideas have their way of circling back. Content recycling makes it easy to produce new content with less effort. A reply can become a tweet. A tweet can become a thread. A thread can become a blog post. A blog post can become a video. … Content recipe 101: Take your best performing content. Make more of it.

2. Finding your own voice on Twitter isn’t something you start with. It’s an end result of tweeting for several weeks or months. When starting out, watch what people at the next milestone are doing and learn from it. <100 followers? Monitor accounts with 500. <1000? Monitor accounts with 2000. <5000? You get the idea. … Don’t reinvent the wheel.

3. Ideally, you should engage with 5–10 accounts per day. Your goal: have them and their audience identifies you. Be quick on your feet, reply with something interesting, and repeat. This will yield to real relationships with established accounts, happy to help out when you need it. Relationships > Followers.

4. Ask for recommendations.

5. Share an aspirational story of growth.

6. Share a passage that stuck out with you from a book you read recently.

7. Say what you’re thankful for.

8. Share an “unpopular opinion”.

9. Go back to your tweets from 4–5 months ago and rewrite one of them. Consider adding visuals, making them shorter, or taking the main idea and scrapping the rest.

10. Share your Twitter stats.

11. Share a thread you found valuable.

12. Tweet a tip that saves people time, effort, or money.

13. Share a book recommendation.

14. What’s the most common question or problem you get asked about? Share the answer.

15. Tell a revealing story.

16. Ask a question.

17. Share a piece of actionable, tactical, implementable advice.

18. Compile a podcast you listened to into a thread.

19. Invite your followers to subscribe to your newsletter or email list.

20. Highlight someone who inspires you (and say why).

21. Offer to give feedback or share your expertise.

22. Share a success you’ve had (ideally with numbers).

23. Recommend someone you follow.

24. Share something you believe that goes against conventional wisdom.

25. Share an insight from your own experiences.

26. Recommend something.

27. Share your core beliefs.

28. Share your goals.

29. Share actionable tactics with numbers.

30. Share your experience of using this product, service, tip, etc…,

31. Repost something you like.

32. Agree with someone and tell them so.

33. Question an accepted idea, usually something that drives you crazy.

34. Share a quote you like.

35. Ask for an opinion about something your audience cares about.

36. Share true stories of good customer service you’ve experienced.

37. Tweet about what you did that helped your business/career grow.

38. Describe a major challenge or opportunity you’re currently struggling with.

39. Share a success other people have had.

40. Share a resource you use to accomplish something.

41. Ask people “what do you think?” about an issue.

You can also experiment with these content ideas to up your Twitter game. They are fresh and have shown to be effective for many; it is now up to you to take advantage of them based on your target market, objectives and goals.

However, if you feel like you need to be quicker than what you are now doing, you can employ this Tweet Hunter to your rescue.

So, what are you still holding out for? ‘Tweet now’ your journey to grow and earn from Twitter!

Real growth is only about consistency and working smart. Once you make it a habit to tweet and rest becomes easier for you.

P.S: If you think this blog post will benefit you or others in your network/community, please share it, so that those in need can benefit from your tiny efforts! Also, don’t forget to see other value-packed blog posts from this blog that might help you/your business.

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