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Increase AOV [Bump and Boost Revenue] - 16 Marketing Tips

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

increase aov - [how to increase average order value]  - [aov in digital marketing]
Image Source - SamCart's The Profit Playbook

Increase AOV [Average Order Value]:

Are you fed up with researching about how to improve average order value? or how to increase the average order value online? I got you!

In today's highly competitive business environment, it's essential for companies or businesses to focus on increasing their average order value [AOV] to maximize revenue and profitability.

Fortunately, there are several effective marketing strategies or tips that businesses can implement to boost or increase their average order value on every single transaction.

In this blog post, I have summarized 16 such marketing strategies or tips shared in a recent SamCart’s Profit Playbook that can help businesses like yours increase average order value and drive greater success in the long run.

As I read this e-book, it occurred to me that it would be beneficial to share these proven marketing strategies [very important excerpts] with readers, business owners, or marketers like you so you can explore and use them to get results almost immediately.

SamCart's expertise and case studies show that these tried-and-tested marketing strategies or tips truly work.

So let's get started and explore how to implement it effectively in your company or business to increase your AOV with each transaction.

Increase Average Order Value [AOV]:

Here is how you can increase AOV in digital marketing:

1. One of the biggest hurdles for customers is a long, confusing checkout page. If your customers can’t easily purchase from you, they will give up. So make it easier, faster, and shorter for your customers to buy, and you win.

Finds ways to shorten the path from discovery to buying. Remove pages. Remove extra clicks. Keep it simple.

2. Go add an order bump (or two, or three…) to your best-selling offer. That’s the power of giving your customers simple ways to spend more money.

Increase AOV [Boost Order Value by +31% With Order Bumps]
Image Source - Profit Playbook by SamCart

3. Add a consultation call order bump to your best selling offer to find prospects for your service offerings.

Increase average order value - [ Paid Consultation Call]

4. The holy grail for any digital creator is monthly recurring revenue. Subscriptions, memberships, even payment plans all help provide predictable income.

Increase AOV - [Free Trials from A Checkbox]

5. Your customer is still in buying mode. It’s easy to buy more. So they do. Go add a one click upsell to your best-selling offer, and enjoy your extra money.

Increase average order value - [Boost Order Value +68% with One-Click Upsells]

6. Not every customer is ready to spend more money. But the ones that are can change your life.

Review your checkout flows to see if you’re giving customers the chance to 3X the size of their order.

7. However you’re using payment options, it is critical to push customers towards the option you want them to choose.

It’s why when you go to checkout any software product, they have a plan that is marked “Recommended.” They are pre-seeding the idea that there is a “correct” option to pick.

Default your visitors to a higher bundle, the pay in full option, or your yearly payment option. Whatever you know will be higher value for your bottom line.

how to improve average order value [by default yearly payment option]

8. Each customer will not only be able to buy more stuff using the credit card on file, but now they can even opt to spend more with simple payment options right on that same page for them.

Pick your best converting upsell, and add a payment option to it so customers have an easy choice to spend more.

9. Introduce a Pay Plan Downsell of your own, using this quick script. The process is awfully simple. You create an upsell that pitches your high-ticket offer as a pay-in-full option.

Then you attach a down-sell that offers the same offer, but the payment plan option. So customers who say yes to the pay in full are sent merrily on their way, while customers that decline the pay in full get one more shot to buy at an easier up-front price tag”

“I saw you said no to [The Offer]. Totally get it. $XXXX is a lot of money. I know you see how [The Offer] can help you, and I’m sure you’d love to grab it if there was an easier price tag.
So on this page only, you can get [The Offer] for just $XX today. We’ll break up that price into X easy payments, and you get everything included in [The Offer] right now.
Click the link below and we’ll add this special payment plan to your order right away.”
Boost average order value - [Pay-Plan Downsell]

10. So we sent one email to each and every one of our customers who were paying monthly for their SamCart account. Our email was very simple.

It went something like this, “If you want to save 20%, switch to yearly pricing right now. Just reply back and say, ‘Yes!’”.

Write your own “Yes!” Email, and use the Add to Order button to close more new clients, upgrades, etc

how to increase average transaction value in retail - [The Yes Email Approach]

11. Use Add to Order to close your next prospect right there, live on the sales call.

12. PayPal still has some drawbacks. But this one addition can mean collecting 50–100% more revenue from every single PayPal customer you’re bringing in the door.

Check out the SamCart PayPal Help Article to learn how to activate all the advanced e-commerce features for your PayPal customers.

13. Showing your customers you care is a massive opportunity. And it’s something that is easily repeatable, and even scalable.

Start small, and send a text to any new customers you get this week.

ways to increase average order value - [send a custom welcome email]

14. Turn on some Featured Courses. Unlock the easiest source of new revenue, and let your existing customers turn into repeat customers.

And when you make it easy for your customers to buy more, you can instantly open up the biggest source of untapped profit in your entire business.

Increase average order value - [by adding Boost Lifetime Value with Featured Courses]

15. Just like Featured Courses, a course cross-sell is another opportunity to showcase other stuff you have for sale. The only difference is, with a cross-sell, you can sell absolutely anything you want.

And you can tactically place these offers wherever you want. But suffice to say, when you make it easy for customers to buy more, they will buy more.

Add one or two cross-sells to your Courses area.

Boost AOV - [Boost Lifetime Value Again With Course Cross-Sells]

16. Membership offers are powerful. They are easy to assemble, they are easy to sell, and the value is felt instantly by the customer.

Give each and every buyer a chance to easily try out your membership offer, and watch your own recurring revenue grow.

Create a membership offer and add it as an order bump on everything you sell.

Increase aov - [by adding membership offer]

In conclusion, implementing these simple 16 marketing strategies can help businesses significantly increase their average order value and also drive greater revenue and profitability over time.

If you're interested in learning more, you can view the complete profit playbook here.

So, if you're looking to take your business to the next level, don't wait any longer to put these strategies into action.

Start implementing them today [you may also use done for you SamCart’s built-in features] and see the positive impact on your bottom line.

Act now, and reap the rewards of higher average order values and increased success in the long run. That is to say, every multiple has a significant impact on your business!

SamCart is at your service to help you see possibilities that you hadn't considered or thought of before!

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