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Online Search Usage – Very Interesting 22 Key Stats And Facts!

Online Search Usage – Very Interesting 22 Key Stats And Facts!

1. Worldwide search market share of Google: 85.55%

2. US market share of Google sites: 61.7%

3. Share of search queries handled by Microsoft sites in the United States: 26.8%

4. Global desktop market share of Yahoo: 2.85%

5. US market share of Microsoft sites: 26.2%

6. Market share of Baidu in China: 85.48%

7. Number of explicit core search queries powered by Google sites in the US: 12.51m

8. Most popular website based on unique visitors via organic search visits:

9. Leading Google search query: Google

10. Share of internet users conducting voice search worldwide: 42%

11. Mobile search market share of Google in US: 93.25%

12. Mobile share of Google’s organic search traffic: 61%

13. Mobile share of Bing’s organic search traffic: 23%

14. Share of US online food and beverage searches initiated via mobile devices: 68%

15. Share of US retail searches initiated via mobile devices: 47%

16. Search advertising spending worldwide: 144.8bn USD

17. Digital search advertising spending in the US: 78.51bn USD

18. Ads revenue of Google websites in 2021: 177.79bn USD

19. Ads revenue of Google network websites in 2021: 31.7bn USD

20. Almost 30 percent of global web traffic is generated via online search usage, showing the vital role these platforms play in directing and navigating user flows to different websites.

21. While Google remains the top player, its online domination hasn’t extended everywhere: In Russia and China, for example, the service is overshadowed by domestic competitors Yandex and Baidu.

22. Online users are increasingly choosing privacy- or sustainability-focused alternatives such as DuckDuckGo or Ecosia due to data collection and privacy concerns.

Source: Statista (Published by Joseph Johnson, Nov, 16, 2021)

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