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Request from Website Owner to Bloggers and Community Members

Dear Bloggers/Community Members/Readers,

I request all the members to post "self-written" blogs/articles/discuss issues connected to Personal Finance that are important in one's life and topics can be related to:

Individual/Personal Money Savings

Genuine Money Earning Opportunities

Credit Card Usage Tips/Strategies/Guidelines/best practices

Household Money Savings

Any issues with the core idea of Money Savings and Money Earnings.

I highly suggest to maintain respect among each other in the community/members in blogs/posts/forum area and use this platform for sharing/discussing productive information/contents on the above topics for improving self financial literacy.

While writing any contents/information, if your discussion/blog requires any backup/support document, try to hyperlink and ensure the shared information is genuine.

No spamming allowed. Strictly prohibited.

Develop Financial Literacy and Benefit Each Other.

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