33 Surprising Stats/Facts About Influencer Marketing!

Updated: Feb 17

Hi there, are you an influencer in any form? business owner? entrepreneur? internet marketer? social media marketer? creator? brand owner?....

Then these stats/facts are an eye-opener!!

In a post-pandemic world, the use of influencers to increase traffic, create awareness, and generate more leads and revenue for businesses is gradually gaining traction. The number of followers and the opportunities and earning potential are determined by the niche the influencers are working in. It's also been utilized as a side job or a part-time business.

However, the stats/facts below have something to say that may be useful to you as an influencer! or for decision-makers, such as business owners or entrepreneurs like you, on how to include such influencers into your marketing/business plan.

Let's start to know one by one:

  1. 37% of brands have worked with brand ambassadors in 2020.

  2. 35% of brands have worked with industry professionals in 2020.

  3. 87% of creators are willing to work with their favorite brands for free products, as long as they love the brand or product value is high.

  4. 32% of brands have worked with affiliates in 2020.

  5. 73% of marketers already have a brand ambassador program, or plan to launch one, as they prioritize long-term relationships.

  6. 96% of creators want deeper relationships with brands.

  7. 64% of brands talked about real-world events this year more than they have in the past.

  8. 96% of creators said they want to work with brands beyond posting on social media.

  9. While some marketers chose to pause their partnerships, 68% of brands worked with influencers and other brand fans to help speak on these matters.

  10. 74% of creators say that alignment with their personal brands is the most crucial factor when deciding to collaborate with a company.

  11. 52% of creators say that it is important for brands to speak and act on real-world events, showcasing that the majority of creators want to work with a company that shows up for the social issues they care about.

  12. 74% of creators consider alignment with their personal brand as the most important element when choosing a brand to work with.

  13. 20% of creators consider personalization in their outreach as the most important element when choosing a brand to work with.

  14. 4% of creators consider monetary compensation as the most important element when choosing a brand to work with.

  15. 2% of creators consider the brand name or product as the most important element when choosing a brand to work with.

  16. Nearly 40% of marketers say that authenticity is the most important aspect they look for when choosing brand partners.

  17. 57% of brands have worked with creatives in 2020.

  18. 47% of brands have worked with customers in 2020.

  19. 85% of brands plan to increase their Instagram presence, as the platform becomes increasingly important for commerce.

  20. 47% of marketers and 48% of creators plan to increase their TikTok presence, understanding the massive impact on sales.

  21. 60% of creators are willing to accept lower rates due to the effects of COVID-19.

  22. In 2021, 76% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget.

  23. 96% of creators want to work with brands beyond posting on social media, indicating a desire to co-create with brands.

  24. The Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $13.8 billion in 2021.

  25. On Instagram, there is a clear preference (57.78%) for micro-influencers, followed by 23.57% for regular influencers.

  26. YouTube also shows how essential micro-influencers are to brands, with 51.37% of Upfluence's YouTube clients working with micro-influencers.

  27. More than 240 new influencer marketing-focused agencies and platforms were established in 2019.

  28. The majority (59%) of influencer marketing-focused firms admit to having a standalone budget for content marketing, and 75% of them now intend to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2021.

  29. 90% of influencer marketing-focused firms believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing.

  30. 67% of influencer marketing-focused firms measure the ROI from their influencer campaigns.

  31. 82.5% of influencer marketing-focused firms take their influencer marketing spending from their marketing budget.

  32. 67% of influencer marketing-focused firms use Instagram for influencer marketing.

  33. Micro-influencers on Instagram have an average engagement rate of 3.86%.

That's all for now...

By now, you've probably realized how Influencer Marketing/Influencers contribute significantly to business income while also creating a win-win situation.

All the best.....

Source: PrimoStats.

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